Acknowledgements includes names of all who've helped one way or another.

Roger Anderson (encouragement);
Ski Banowsky (loaned use of opaque projector for experiment; for ongoing
computer encouragement and invaluable help getting on the net);
James Bovee (endless help and support);
Joyce Cole (agent);
Arthur Cooper (chinese scholar);
Claude Duvall (gift of Greek Lexicon, and allowed publication
of article on phonetic script in the Noh Quarter);
Joseph Fontenrose (criticism);
Mimi Koch (negative criticism and suggestions);
Kelso Leber (needs assessments coach);
Lynn Lonidier (introduction to agent);
Fred Nabeta (information on Japanese pronunciation);
Mayumi Oda (gives pronunciation of Oto-Hema and the meaning of her
href poss. allowance to publish Her image);
Katherine Singleton (endless support and images);
Yusuf Spires (much linguistic help and negative criticism);
Linda Wilson (introduction to Lynn Lonidier).
Dominic Lowery (Nornir line-drawing for HCT);
Tanya Joyce (many images for HCT annuals);
Judy Detrick (for calligraphy of fopho and for two annual HCTs);
Michael Shain (image for HCT);
Sandee Schneider (design advice and pasteup of HCT);
Yana Zimmerman and Jim Gabbard (endless support);
Richard Kane (always interest when he comes to tune piano)