To the Goddess named - Erce





Erce, Erce, Erce, Erce, Erce, Erce,

eorthan modor, Mother of Earth. . .

hl wes thu folde, Hail to Thee, Earth


fira modor! Mother of men!

beo thu growende grow and bring forth

on Godes fthme. in god's embrace.




Old English charm for restoring fertility to the land

quoted in The Lost Gods of England, p 77, by Brian Branston


To the Goddess named - Eris


Discord! Dire sister of the slaught'ring power,

Small at Her birth, but rising, rising ev'ry hour;

While scarce the skies Her horrid head can bound,

She stalks on Earth and shakes the world around.

But lovely Peace in angel form

Descending quells the rising storm,

Soft ease and sweet content shall reign

And Discord never rise again.


`Discord! Dire sister' lyric (anonymous)

set as a glee by Samuel Webbe.

"300 years of English Partsongs",

edited by Paul Hillier. p. 38.


To The Goddess named - Gaia



Mother of us all, Oldest of all,

hard, splendid, as rock,

Whatever there is that is of the land

It is She who nourishes it,

It is Earth that I sing.

Whoever you are,

Howsoever you come across Her sacred ground,

you of the sea, you that fly,

It is She that nourishes you.

She, out of Her treasures.

Beautiful children, beautiful harvests,

They come from Her bounty.

The giving of life itself, the taking of it back

to or from anyone, is under Her charge...

Now, Mother of gods, Bride of the sky in stars,


But if you liked my song, give me this life too,

and in my other songs, I will remember you.


Adapted from: "The Hymn to the Earth",

p. 1 Homeric Hymns,

translated by Charles Boer.


To The Goddess named - Gaia


Some people say the real name of

Mother Earth is Gaia.

Some say she's gonna heal . . .


Well now Gaia:

Must be a new age comin'

Must be comin' on . . .

There's a new moon,

And my first born daughter's

Birthed a daughter of her own.


Well now Gaia:

Must be a new age comin'

Must be comin' on . . .


Since I'm still here,

I can sow some wild oats

In the new age comin' on . . .


Think they'll grow well

In the ridges there are

Between these people and those . . .


Think they'll grow well

In the bright white spaces

Between these words and those . . .


Well now granddaughter:

It's still a planet where

We're learning from the river stones . . .


Well now Gaia:

Must be a new age comin'

I can feel it in my bones:

I can feel it in my bones.


"Must be a New Age Comin'"

by Jane Radcliffe, who says:

Try this out loud with a beat: maybe clapping your hands and moving

around if you fill like it. . . If there are other people around,

ask them to join in. Source: People Say I'm Crazy.




To the Goddess named - Hat-Hor



All hail, jubilation to you, O Golden One,

Sole ruler, Uraeus of the Supreme Lord himself!

Mysterious One

Who gives birth to the divine entities,

Forms the animals,

Models them as She pleases,

Fashions men...

O Mother!...

Luminous One who thrusts back the darkness,

Who illuminates every human human creature with Her rays,

Hail, Great One of many names...

You from whom the divine entities come forth

In this your name of Mut-Isis!

You-who-cause the throat to breathe...

In this your name of Tefnut!

O Neith who appeared in your barque

In this your name of Mut!

O Venerable Mother,

You who subdue your adversaries

In this your name of Nekhebet!

O You-who-know-how-to-make-right-use-of-the-heart ,

You who triumph over your enemies

In this your name of Sekhmet!

It is the Golden One...

The lady of drunkenness, of music, of dance,

Of frankincense, of the crown of young women,

Whom men acclaim because they love Her!

It is the Gold of the divine entities,

Who comes forth at Her season,

In the month of Epiphi,

The day of the new moon,

At the festival of `She is Delivered'...

Heaven makes merry, the earth is full of gladness,

The Castle of Horus rejoices.


"Hymn to Hathor", Translation after M. Alliot,

Le Culte d'Horus a Edfou, pp. 491 sqq.

Source: EM.LL 82.




Womb of the sun,

Habitation of the hawk,

Birdcage of the soul.


Source: Monaghan BGH 129.


To the Goddess named - Hepat


Sun Goddess of Arinna,

Mistress of the lands of Hatti,

Sovereign Queen of Heaven and Earth,

I,_________, have always been Thy servant,

A heifer of Thy stable since my childhood,

A strong cornerstone on which Thou can depend,

For Thou art the highest,

The most exalted of deities

And though all other deities bow down to Thee,

No mortal appeals to Thee in vain.

Sun Goddess of Arinna,

Queen and Ruler of all lands,

In the city of Hattusas

Thou art called upon as Sun Goddess of Arinna,

Yet in the far counbtry from which I come,

That which Thou created as The Land of Cedars,

I called upon Thee there as Hepat,

Mother of Deities.


"Prayer of Queen Pudu Hepat to Holy Hepat".

Quoted by Merlin Stone in Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood Vol 1, p. 194.


To the Goddesses named - the Horai


Fair Ones, begetters of all things,

who in appointed order

bring on day and night,

summer and winter,

so as to make months and years grow full.



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