Invocations, Pleas, Prayers, Poems, Hymns and Other Homage to HER:

The Goddess named—Usas

Like a youthful maiden, Dawn shines brightly forth,
Stirring to motion every living creature.
Divine Fire was kindled for the use of men;   
Dawn created light, driving away the dark. 

Sending out Her beams, She rose up facing all, 
In brilliant robes, resplendent, radiating—  
Golden-coloured and glorious to behold, 
Mother of plenty, Mistress of the days She shone.

Blessed, bearing the sun, the eye of the Gods,  
Leading Her white horse, magnificent to see,  
Dawn reveals Herself, arrayed in beams of light, 
And with boundless glory She transforms the world.

O fair one, banish the enemy with light! 
And prepare for us broad pastures free from fear!
Ward off hatred, bring us your priceless treasure!
O bountiful, shower blessings on the singer! 

Illumine us with your glorious splendour,  
O divine Dawn! Enrich and lengthen our lives,  
O Goddess full of grace! Grant us fulfillment  
Knowledge, strength, energy and health.  

O Daughter of Heaven, Dawn of noble birth,  
Whom the men of glory celebrate in hymns,  
Establish in us wealth sublime and mighty!  
Gods, protect us always with your blessings! 

Hymn to Dawn, Vasishtha. R.V.VII.77.1.

Sources: HRV.M/70.  The last line in verse 5 is perhaps more accurately translated: "And cows, horses, and chariots in abundance", meaning the same as "Knowledge, strength, energy and health", which has therefore been substituted. Ed.

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