To the Goddess named -- Vac

I move with roaring, howling, and radiant might,
I move with the infinite and nature's powers.
I hold the love of the Lord of Lords, I hold
The fire of the soul, I hold life and healing.

I possess the sacred potion and I wield
The power to create, to nourish and give.
Indeed, I strengthen him who sacrifices,
The mindful one, the generous, him who serves.

I am the Queen, gatherer of abundance,
Knowing and wise, always supreme in worship.
Divine powers appointed Me in all places;
I have many homes, I enter many forms.

Through My power, the man of judgment may eat
And whoever breathes or hears the spoken Word;
Unknowingly they all abide in Me.
In truth, I speak: hear, O holy tradition!

I alone utter the Word of Truth, the Word
That brings enjoyment to Gods and men alike.
The man I love, to him do I give power;
I make him a divine, a seer, and a sage.

I stretch the bow of him who drives out evil
That the arrow may strike wisdom's enemy.
I create among men strife and contention.
I fill both Earth and Heavens with My presence.

In the beginning I bring forth the Father.
My source is in the waters' ocean deep.
From there I move out toward every creature.
And with My stature I reach the sky above.

I blow like the wind; it is I that maintain
And I that sustain all things in creation.
Beyond the Heavens and beyond this broad Earth:
Such is the magnitude I have assumed.

Hymn of the Sound of Truth, R.V.X. 125 -- Hymns from the Rig-Veda translated Jean Le Mee.

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