The Tenets of Holladay Paganism are as follows:


that the planet Earth is alive, worthy of respect and reverence, to be experienced, addressed and referred to as a living being of the female gender, Evolver and Mother of all life;


that the satellite Moon is worthy of respect and veneration, to be experienced, addressed and referred to as a living being of the female gender, the timekeeping Sister of Earth, maternal Virgin Aunt of all humanity;


that the star Sun is worthy of respect and awe, to be experienced, addressed and referred to as a living being of the female gender, Mother of the Sisters Earth and Moon, Maintainer of the solar hearth, Grand Mother of life on Earth;


that it is through the cyclic interaction of these three great beings within Great Grand Mother Space that we individual beings come to be born, live, thrive, bring forth life ourselves and finally die;


that every complete turn of Earth upon Her axis is therefore holy (has been experienced as such at sometime during the existence of HomoSapiens), that it is therefore not inappropriate to name every day of the year after some conception of female Divinity as She has been named in the past and that each day is therefore worthy of a holla of thanks to the Goddess naming that day for continuance of the miracles by which life is created, sustained and dissolved for recycling;


that Earth may be Mother of the only life there is since we don't yet know whether other planetary bodies are living and capable of evolving interrelated yet separately existing life forms, and that all life is therefore precious;


that our species, HomoSapiens, is one of Earth's children whose being consists of all humans, female and male, who have ever lived, and that presently living humans, whose bodies are made of Earth's body, are the fleeting elements which give present form to HomoSapiens' existence, just as the fleeting cells of life provide form in all separately living forms of life;


that the study, appreciation, care and maintenance of Earth is the proper business of living representatives of HomoSapiens;


that improved management of Earth's resources is essential to the continuance of HomoSapiens and that a better human economy (than we have at present) is essential to the maintenance of Earth's ecology and biosphere;


that all activities directed towards the preservation of Earth's ecology are supported by Holladay Paganism;


that the healthful disposal and return to Earth's body of waste products generated by our living activities is an obligation we have to our Mother in return for the gift of birth and that all persons engaged in such disposal are worthy of admiration and respect;


and that when the time comes for HomoSapiens to step forth from the nurturing bosom of Earth reaching for the stars, the lunaland, and any other planetary surface upon which HomoSapiens may be able to survive which is not already occupied by a sentient species, and with due respect for any indigenous forms of life, shall be held in common by all living elements of HomoSapiens, Child of Earth;


that the perception and creation of beauty is essential to the health of human society and that therefore the appearance of artists among us is to be sought for and welcomed, their abilities in youth are to be nurtured and encouraged, and their mature works and performances are to be sought after and treasured;


that communication skill is necessary to the survival of HomoSapiens, therefore Holladay Paganism promotes global adoption of an international phonetic writing system as a contribution towards the evolution of an international language;


that the killing of one human being by another for any reason other than through accident, or through the abortion of the foetus of an unwanted child, or through assisting at a sincerely desired suicide, is deemed ugly, heineous, and the expression of a sickness in the societal body;


that the selfdestruction of a humanbeing for whatever reason is deemed a birthright and an act of courage;


that every human being should have a minimum income by right of birth;


that voluntary poverty (ie living on a minimum income without seeking more) is an admirable way of life and worthy of respect from those segments of society which choose to accumulate additional means of exchange for the accomplishment of things which cannot be accomplished with a minimum income, such as the provision of products and services needful to society as a whole;


that these tenets may be rewritten from time to time to conform with improved understandings of humanity's role as Great Grand Child of Her.

FW - Minerva, Medea Moon, 1990
modified during gestation - Ida, Renenet Moon, 1990