Aedon, 1ADON, Nightingale.
Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: e-eta-delta-omega-nu, nightingale.
Male Associate: Daughter of Pandareus.

Agrona, 1GRON1, ---.
Geography/Culture: Celtic.
Description: Goddess of slaughter.
Source: unrecorded.

Aingini, INGYNE, ---.
Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Male Associate: consort Ganesa, the overcomer of obstacles.
Source: Stutley HDH 8.

Ganapatihrdaya, G1N1P1TUHRD1Y*, ---.
Description: elephant-headed Goddess; She Who personifies the Buddhist mantra of the same name.
Male Associate: consort, probably Ganesa.

Source: Stutley HDH.

Lambodari, L1MBOD1RE, ---.
Description: Pot-bellied Goddess.
Male Associate: consort Ganesa.

Source: Stutley HDH.

Siddhi, SYDHY, Fulfillment.
Alternate meanings: Successful-Achievement, Realization.
Male Associate: consort: Bhaga, Cherishing-Leader. Ganesa is also popularly regarded as Her consort.

Source: Stutley HDH 9, 40, 276-277 (perhaps could be elaborated a bit more).

Airmid, =MYC, ---.
Geography/Culture: Celtic: Irish.
Description: Goddess of springs, healing and resurrection; herbal physician.
To Whom Sacred: cloak; the number 365 (the number of healing grasses, corresponding to the 365 nerves in a person's body, which grew on Her brother's grave and which She arranged on Her cloak according to their properties); "the spring of health" (at which She is always on duty).
Male Associate: Miach, ---, Her brother.
Source: CML.CS/80-3.
Akna, 1KN*, ---.
Geography/Culture: North America: Mayan.
Description: Goddess of birth.
Male Associate: consort Akanchob, ---".
Source: probably NLEM

Amayicoyondi, *M*YEKOYONDY, ---.
Geography/Culture: North America, Pericu of California.
Description: Goddess of heaven and earth; Mother of humanity; Distributor of food.
Male Associate: consort Niparaya, ---.
Source: probably NLEM.
Arabia, *R*BY1, ---.
Geography/Culture: Roman.
Description: Geographical personification.
Source: GRARE/9.

Arete, *R]TA, ---.
Geography/Culture: Greek.
Source: unrecorded.
Armenia, *M]NY1, ---.
Geography/Culture: Roman.
Description: Geographical personification.
Source: GRARE/9.
Asgaya-Gigagei, 1SG*Y*-GYG*GA, {Red-ManWoman}.
Geography/Culture: North America: Cherokee.
Description: Shehe of thunder.
Source: unrecorded.
Ashnan, *$N*N, ---.
Geography/Culture: Summerian.
Description: Goddess of crops, especially grain.
Male Associate: Consort possibly Lahar, ---, god of cattle.
Source: LWM/62.
Asuniti, 1SUNTETY, Spirit-Life.
Alternate meanings: World-of-Spirits.
Geography/Culture: India: Hindu.
Description: She Who is the world of spirit(s); She Who is invoked to prolong life and give strength and nourishment.
Source: Stutley
Bhutamatr, BHWT1M*Tr, Mother-of-Spirits.
Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: Goddess of fertility, the unrestful spirits of the dead, [transvestitism and promiscuity].
To Whom Sacred: orgiastic festival during May-June (when the crops are ripening - women dress as men, men as women; erotic songs sung; much promiscuity); bhuta(s) (spirits of the dead, often malignant).
Source: HDH/47.
Ava, 1V1, Mistress.
Geography/Culture: Finno-Ugric.
Description: General title for Goddesses: