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Aega, `Wild-Goat'

Alternate meanings: `Goat', `Dazzling-Light'.
[To Whom the first day of April, day 091, is dedicated]

Aega Wild Goat Jug

Geography/Culture: Greek.

Linguistic notes: Greek 1a, aigos, `a goat'. 2b, agrios, `the wild-goat, ibex'. 3a, an old name for `waves'.

Description: Perhaps originally Maiden aspect of a triple Goddess of the sun with Her Sisters: Circe and Pasiphae. Shimmeringly lovely, hypnotically beautiful, Goddess of the sun. She Whom Gaia hides in a cave.

To Whom are sacred: cave; [wild-goat; ibex].

Male associate: son, Aigipan, `[All-Goat]', by Zeus, or Pan.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Source: BGH/4; IGEL/18, 21; WWGRM.

Aegeia, `Bright'.

Alternate meaning: `Dazzling'.

Geography/Culture: Greek. Cretan.

Description: One person of triple Goddess of the sun, with: Pasiphae, `She-Who-Shines-for-All' and Perse, `She-Who-Bestows-Golden-Value'.

To whom are sacred: Goat; goat-skin clothes.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: GMv2/15-6; index.

Amalthea, `Tender'.

Geography/Culture: Ionian.

Description: Maiden Goddess of spring, abundance and [so perhaps of vegetation].

To Whom are sacred: she-goat; cornucopia; winter-solstice.

Male associate: She was one of Zeus' Wet-Nurses. The boy god, Sosipolis, holds Her horn in his hand.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Boetis, `Clamourous'.

Geography/Culture: Greek.

Linguistic notes: beta-omikron-eta-tau-upsilon-sigma, `a shouting, clamour'.

To whom are sacred: A goat, also said to have mother Aigipan.

Male associates: Like Aego, Boetis is also said to be born Aigipan, `All-Goat', by Zeus or Pan.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Source: WWGRM.

Melissa, `[Sweet-One]'.

Description: The Goddess as Queen-bee.

To Whom are sacred: bees; honey.

Male associate: Graves says Melisseus, `Honey-Man', the so-called father of Adrasteia and Io (with Whom Amalthea formed a moon-triad), was really their mother, Melissa.

Source: GMv1/42.

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