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Ala, {Grandmother}.
[to Whom the tenth day of January, day 009, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Africa. Ibo tribes of Eastern Nigeria.
Linguistic Note: pronunciation may be 1L1. Her name is also translated as The-Land.
Description: Mother of earth; Creatress and Life-giver to all beings; Divine Ancestress; Generator of communal loyalty; Culture-bringer and Ruler of men; Lawgiver; She in Whose name oaths are sworn and law-courts held; Source and Guardian of morality; Protectress of the harvest; She Who brings fertility to the crops and to human beings; Queen of the underworld; She Who receives the dead into Her pocket.
To Whom Sacred: nest of bees, or a snake (seen in one of Her priests' gardens, either is a sign a Mbari should be built); Mbari houses (not temples), in which She, facing the road, is the central figure (sometimes shown with a child) surrounded by a group of other life-sized mud-sculpted figures. The women and men who build them live together, without sexual intercourse, for however long it takes to complete the one they're working on.
To Whom Sacred: sword (which She sometimes holds in Her hand).
Iconography: life-size replicas of Her sit in Her shrine which is the most important shrine in Ibo villages.

Source: Monaghan BGH 9; P,G.AM 78-9. GMC'84; S,M.AMWv1 141.
Asase-Yaa, Earth-Thursday.

Geography/Culture: Africa: Ashanti of Ghana.
Description: Goddess of earth; Mother of Deities, waters and trees; She Who is concerned with the dead.
To Whom Sacred: fowl sacrifice in spring before digging (with prayers for permission to dig, protection against accidents and a fruitful harvest); knocking on the earth; the day thursday (when work on the land is taboo).
Male Associate: consort Nyame, ----, sky god.

Source: Funk & Wagnall SDFML 806; P,G.AM 77.
Isong, ----.

Geography/Culture: Africa. Ibibio and Ehoi tribes of Eastern Nigeria.
Description: Goddess of earth's fertility.
To Whom Sacred: tortoise-shell.

Source: Monaghan BGH 157.
worked on: December 1995; June 1992; August 1991; July 1990.
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