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Angerona, Queen-of-Protection.
[to Whom the thirtieth day of October, day 303, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Etruscan, Roman.
Linguistic Note: Assuming the -ona element is Queen, Lady, etc as usual, it is somewhat unclear how the anger- element represents protection -- perhaps in the sense that protection has a sense of embracement. Related English words: anger, anxious, anguish, angina. Root angh-. Tight, painfully constricted, painful. from Germanic root *ang-, compressed, hard, painful. Suffixed form *angh-os-. ANGER, from Old Norse angr, sorrow, grief, from Germanic *angaz. Suffixed form *angh-os-ti-. ANGST, from Old High German angust, anxiety, from Germanic *angusti-. ANXIOUS, from Latin angere, to strangle, torment. Suffixed form *angh-os-to-. ANGUISH, from Latin angustus, narrow. QUINSY, from Greek ankhein, to squeeze, embrace. ANGINA, from Greek ankhone, a strangling.
Description: Goddess of silence, compassion, secrecy and secrets; She Who was probably the custodian of the hidden name of Rome which it was forbidden to pronounce; She Who relieves humanity from pain and sorrow; Protectress agaisnt angina (quinsy), or some say against diseases of the throat; {She Whose domain might be the storing of evolutionary knowledge in seeds and genes}.
To Whom Sacred: {seeds and their protective coverings; the DNA code}; the gesture of a finger on the lips.
Iconography: She is shown with Her mouth bound and sealed, with one finger placed on it in warning.
Festival: Southern Solstice -- (perhaps traditionally 12/21) -- Angeronalia, or Divalia.

Source: CR.GG/185; Kravitz WWGRM 24; New Larousse EM 214.
Muta, Deadly-Silent-One .

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Linguistic Note: from Latin mutus. Related English words: mute, mutter, mope.
Description: Goddess of silence.
To Whom Sacred: {finger/sign-language}.

Tacita, Taciturn-One.

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Linguistic Note: Derived English word: taciturn.
Description: She Who is invoked to stop the mouths of detractors.
To Whom Sacred: the tieing the mouths of dead fish (sympathetic magic against detractors).

Source: Kravitz WWGRM 159. worked on: October 1995; August 1991; July 1990.

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