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Arachne, Weaver.
Alternate meanings: Spider, Spinning.
[to Whom the fifteenth day of January, day 014, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Lydian, Colophon. Numerous seals with a spider emblems have been found at Cretan Miletus, mother city of Carian Miletus and the largest exporter of dyed woollens in the ancient world.
Linguistic Note: from {material lost--stop looking--rewrite}, spider. Related English word:{material lost--stop looking--rewrite}, spiders.
Description: Goddess of destiny and textile industries; Matron of spinning, weaving and dyeing; Fate-weaver; Eponym of the spider family; Matron of graphic representation}; She Who portrayed the love-affairs of the deities (the raping of mortal women by Gods).
Some say the familiar legend is a misinterpretation of early images of Athene, I-Have-Come-From-Myself, with Her spider and web. Others suggest it expresses competition between Athens and the Lydian or Carian cloth exporters.
To Whom Sacred: spider; web (both in the sense of woven material as a web and as a cobweb); fly caught in a cobweb (symbol of humanity's helplessness in the web of fate. Fly was a common archaic symbol of the human soul, even thought to be the actual embodiment of the soul in passage from one life to the next WEMS/54); wool; {loom}; rope/thread; the color purple; murex, especially murex trunculus, source of royal purple dye; {Arachne's Web, a net of veins covering the brain}.

Source: Monaghan BGH; Graves GMv1 98, 100; Walker WEMS 54.
Colophon, Summit.
Alternate meaning: Finishing

Geography/Culture: Lydia.
Linguistic Note: kappa-omikron-lambda-omikron-phi-omega-nu, (kolofon), a summit, top, finishing. Related English word: colophon (An inscription, usually at the end of a book giving facts pertaining to its publication).
Description: Eponym of the place Colophon.
Male Associates: consort Idmon, Knowing.

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