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Ataentsic, {Sky-Woman}.
[to Whom the eighth day of January, day 007, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: American, North: Huron and Iroquois.
Description: Creatress of the sun and moon; Ancestress of the Hurons; She Who was "cast our of heaven" by Her consort; She Whose fall from heaven caused the earth to be fished up from the primordial lake bottom.
To Whom Sacred: a sort of blue-light (which She noticed as She fell from heaven); birds (She was borne up by their wings as She stepped onto the newly emerged earth); musk-rat (who fished up earth from the lake bottom); turtle (on whose back the musk-rat placed the fished-up earth).
Male Associate: consort, Chief-Who-Owns-the-Earth.

Ataensic, {Sky-Woman}.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Iroquois.
Linguistic Note: The names Ataentsic and Ataensic certainly seem similar enough to assume they refer to the same Goddess, especially since they may very well have been transcribed from word of mouth but other than giving Them separate entries I dont know how else to reconcile the difference in the two descriptions.
Description: Goddess of earth; Sky Woman; She Whose corpse became the world after Her death in childbirth.
Male Associates: twin sons Hahgwehdiyu, ----, and Hahgwehdaetgah, ----.

Source: DWM.AC p. 173.
Athenesic, ----.

Geography/Culture: North American Indian.
Description: Goddess of the moon.

Source: SSS p. 15 fig. 72.
Awehai, ----.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Iroquois.
Description: Creatrix.
To Whom Sacred: turtle; seeds.


Geography/Culture: North American Indian.
Male Associates: twin sons Ioskeha, ----, and Tawiscara, ----, by consort Master-of-Winds. By fighting in the womb Her two sons caused their Mother's death after which Her body was made into the sun and moon by Her Mother Ataentsic.

Source: NLEM pp 430-1.
worked on: December, June 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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