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Authumla, Nourisher.
[to Whom the twenty-second day of April, day 112, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Norse. (62n x 14e).
Linguistic Note: the rune which symbolizes Her, or which She symbolizes, is the proto-germanic uruz, Gothic úrus, `the aurochs', Old English úr, `ox, bison', Old Norse úr, drizzle, rain.
Description: Creatrix; Mother of manifestation; She Who materialized from the primeval ice, or some say from the dripping rime produced when the world fire met the world ice; Divine cow of fertility and sustenance; She from Whose udders run four rivers of milk; Goddess of abundant and prolific nature and human motherhood; Vivifier of Deities; Gladdener of hearts.
To Whom Sacred: ice; cow, auroch, ox, bison; milk (the primal food); the act of licking (into life); the colour white; the ú:r rune.
Male Associates: son, Búri, (whom She licked into being from the icy rocks). Associated with the giant Ymir, whom She suckled.

Source: Branston GN 46, 47; Stutley HDH 140; Thorsson FHRM 22-23; Walker WEMS 181.
Daksina, {Gift-of-Giving}.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Linguistic Note: derived from da-, `give', or from Sanskrit daks-, causing the imperfect to be accomplished. Related words -- Sanskrit: dana, `gift'; Latin, donum, donare; French: donner; English: donate, etc.
Description: Goddess of healing medicine; She Who causes imperfection's perfection; Cosmic Cow; Giver of all life; Saviour from harm.
To Whom Sacred: the gift (which She personifies) given to priests at sacrifice (for those who evade their obligations or who are niggardly, retribution follows); cow (the original gift); horse (ensures the donor will live in the sun forever); gold (ensures eternal life); robes (ensure longevity).
Male Associate: consort/brother, Yajna, {check spelling}, `Sacrifice'.

Source: Stutley HDH 10, 67.
Damona, Divine-Cow.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Gauls.
Male Associates: consort, Borvo, (Bormo, Bormanus), `{Seething-Waters}', and/or Albius, ----.

Source: CM.PM 32, 49.
Fuwch-Gyfeilioru, -----.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Welsh.
Description: Pure white Cosmic Elfin Cow; She Who produces endless streams of milk; She Who has the power to heal, to make fools wise and everyone in the world happy.
Source: HDH 140.

Kamadhenu, Wishfulfilling-Milch-Cow.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Linguistic note: an alternate name for Vac is Dhenu, DHANU, `Milch-Cow', which is described as "metaphorically: the earth".
Description: Goddess of the abundance and proliferation of nature; She Who stands for motherhood and generation; She Who fulfils every desire.

Source: Stutley HDH 140.
Surabhi, Affecting-Pleasantly.
Alternate meanings: Cow-of-Plenty.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Linguistic Note: perhaps derived from su- + root rabh, `affecting pleasantly'. See also Sulis, [?\cyc\s\sulis] Linguistic Note:.
Description: Cosmic Cow of Plenty; She Who was the first treasure to emerge from the Churning of the Ocean; She Who represents the endless proliferation of Nature; Goddess of wishfulfillment, motherhood and generation.

Source: Stutley HDH 140, 291.
worked on: October, June 1995; August 1991; June, July 1990.
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