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Benzai-Tennyo, `Goddess-of-the-Gift-of-Eloquence'.

[to Whom the twelfth day of April, day 102, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Japanese.

Description: Shapeshifiting Goddess Queen of the sea; Matron of music and literature; Gaurdian of eloquence; Bestower of inspiration and talent; Bringer of romantic love and happiness; Giver of wealth and all good fortune; Protectress from earthquakes; Defender of femininity and love. She is especially worshipped by the geisha. She is one of the seven deities of Happiness, Shichifukujin.

To whom are sacred: white water snake (or sea-serpent, Her messenger); dragon (whose shape She assumes, on which She rides when in human form, also Her paramour); the colour red; the biwa (a stringed instrument like a mandolin or lute); sword (symbol of wisdom); jewel (symbol of the realisation of vows).

Male associate: consort, Serpent-king, perhaps called Uga-jin (with whom She is, anyway associated).

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: Monaghan BGH 45; DWM.AC/99; Larousse WM 326-30; MIE.RC/83.

worked on: July 9, 1990; July 26, 1990; August 6, 1991.