Dacia, D*SY1, `---'. Roman. Geographical personification. Source: GRARE/9.
Dea-Roma, var. of Roma, `---'. {I think Roma's still in \cyc\roma}
Deae, DEI, `Goddesses'. Roman general title for multiple Goddess.
Dechtire, `---'. Celtic: Irish. Virgin Mother To Whom is sacred: may-fly. Son: Cu-Chulainn. She was impregnated by swallowing a may-fly, or by Lugh, or by Conchobhar, Her father. Sources: CM.PM/101, 448; WG.RG/314.
DEO, `The-seeker'. Greek. Title of Demeter `Barley-mother'. Ety: Delta-eta-omega. Perhaps a diminutive of Her name. First-fruits offered to Her (perhaps at the Aparchai festival). Sources: EBv7/980-2; IGEL/184.
DEVANA, D]V*N1, `---'. Czechoslovakia. Form of Diana, `Divine-queen'.
DEVASENA, DAV1SAN1, `---'. Hindustani. Aspect of Jayanti `Victorious-one'.
DEVI 1), DAVE, `Resplendent-one'. Alt. mean: `Goddess'. Hindustani. Title of all Hindu Goddesses. Female celestial and terrestial powers. Ref: HDH/74.
DEVI 2), DAVE, `The-Goddess'. Alt. mean: `Resplendent-one'. Hindustani, post-Vedic times. She who brought forth the Devas (Hindu Gods); Cosmic energy of the universe; Dynamic power of the Devas); She in whom all other DAVIS are contained, who is the sum of all they represent and whose emanations they are. Son/Consorts: all Devas, but especially Siva. (Historically She represents the long continued worship of the female principle which began in the Indus Valley with the making of tiny nude female figurines, expressed itself later through the worship of local village, fertility, mother and nature Goddesses, gradually culminating, through a philosophical process of speculation and assimilation, in a majestic conception of the powerful femaleness of life). TWS: Festival: the 9th day of the 1st fortnight of the month "Bhadrapada" women worship Her to avert evil during the coming year. Title: BHAGAVATI [`She-of-divine-power-and-majesty']. Title: MAHADEVI `Supremely-great-goddess'. Title: SAKTI [`Divine-invigorating-sexual-energy']. Ref: HDH/74.
DEXAMENE, D]KS1M]NA, `---'. One of the NEREIDES `Wet-ones'.
DHANIS(H)THA, DH1NY$3*, `---'. Ety: dhanus, 'a bow', derived from dhanv, 'to go, to kill'. Hindustani. Var. Dhanistha/x. 20th NAKS(H)ATRA `---'. Also called: SRAVIS(H)THA `---'. Ref: HDH/75, 200-1.
DHIS(H)ANA, DHY$/\N*, `---'. A GNA, 'Woman'.
DIIWICA, DIEUYK/\, `---'. Serbians of Lusatia. Form of: DIANA `Divine-queen'.
DIKSA, DEK$*, (Apr 27/84) `Consecration'. Alt. means: `Dedication', `Initiation'. Hindustani. Goddess of initiation, death, transmigration of souls and rebirth; She who sanctifies the body; She who purifies from sin; She who delivers; Granter of all objects of desire; Bestower of knowledge and enjoyment. Without Diksa no benefits can be derived from sacrifice. TWS: soma; facing the direction north (for deliverance); facing the direction east (for enjoyment). Consort: Soma `---' or Ugra `Powerful-one'. Ref: HDH/78-9, 310.
DINDYMENE, DYNDÜM]NA, `---'. Var. dindymene/x. Title of Cybele, `She-with-the-axe' as: Goddess of Mount Dindymene.
DIRCE, DYrKA, `Cleft'. Alt. mean: `Double'. Greek. Ety: perhaps from dikrous forked, cloven, bifurcate. Eponym of a spring near Thebes. [As a literary figure associated with ANTIOPE `Confronting', but probably originally the title of a Goddess]. Ref: EB; GM.RG/index; IGEL/203.
DISCIPLINA, DYSYPLYN/\, `She-who-instructs'. Roman. Goddess of teaching. Ref: GRARE/8.
DISCORDIA, DYSK4DY/\, `Dissension'. Alt. mean: `She-who-creates-discord'. Roman. Goddess who inspires heroes to compete with each other in noble deeds and honourable rivalry. ù Greek equivalent ERIS `Strife'.
DOLYA, D0LY/\, `---'. Russian. Dual Goddess with NEDOLYA `---'. Little old lady Goddess of fate; She who lives behind the stove and when in a good mood brings good luck. Ref: BGH/87.
DOMIDUCA, D0MYDWK/\, [`Lady-who-leads-the-way']. Roman. Goddess of marriage; She who conducts the bride to the house of her groom and sees her safely over the threshold. ù Title of IUNO [`Shining-one'].
DOMINA, `Lady'. Alt. means: `Mistress', `Sovereign', `Queen'. Roman. General title for Goddesses.
DONNA, D0N/\, `Lady'. Alt. mean: `Mistress'. Italian. General title for Goddesses.
DORIPPE, D0RYPA, `Gift-mare'. Cretan, Greek. Perhaps alt. name for Triple Goddess HROEO `Pomegranate'.
DORIS, D0RYS, `Bountiful'. Greek. Goddess of the sea. Consort: Nereus. ù Mother (and Herself one) of the NEREIDES/x `Wet-ones'. ù One of the OCEANIDES [`Daughters-of-the-swift-queen']. ù Perhaps an alternate name for THETIS, `Disposer'.
DOROTHEA, D0RO3E/\, `Giving-Goddess'. Greek. Christianised var. Saint Dorothy/x. Matroness of brides and gardeners. Feast day: February 06. ù DOROTHY, var. of DOROTHEA.
DOTO, DOTO, `---'. Greek. ù One of the NEREIDES/x `Wet-ones'.
Dynamene, DÜN1M]NA, `---'. Greek. ù One of the Nereides, `Wet-ones'. WWGRM/84.
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