EASTRE, ESTr. Lang. var. of OSTARA
Ety: derived words: Eng. East, Easter.

EDJI, ]DJY, `---'. Turkish, Mongul. Equivalent of HAWWAH/x

EDJO, transcrip. var. of UATCHIT/x.
EphIPPOS, ]FYP0S, [`On-horse-back']. Greek.
[Perhaps] Goddess of the sea and agriculture.
TWS: horse (as spirit of the corn). *** Title of FRODITE
[`Froth-of-replication']. EB.

Egyptian-SIByL, called SABBE/x `---'. See SIByLLA/x.
EKA-OBASI, ]K/\-OBSE, `---'.
Africa: Ibibio and Ekoi tribes. *** Alt. name for ISONG/x `---'.

ELAIS, ]LIS, `She-of-the-olive'. Greek. Perhaps of Cretan origin. TWS: [olive-tree; olive; olive-oil]. *** Aspect of Triple HROEO/x `Pomegranate'.

ELAT var. of ELATH/x. Her name occurs with that of ASHTART/x `---' in ras Shamrah texts.

ELATE, ]L*TA, `Lofty-one'. Greek. [Poss.] Goddess of birth. TWS: silver-fir; ivy. *** Title of ARTEMIS/x `High-source-of-water'.

ELATH, ]L/\3, `Goddess'. (Sep 25/83). Syrian, Palestinian, Hebraic. *** General title for Goddesses. See: ASHERAH/x `Lady-of-the-sea'. Lang/spel var. ELAT/x.


ELECTRYO, translit. var. of ELEKTRUO/x.

ELECTRYONE, translit. var. of ELEKTRUONE/x.

ELEI, ]LI, `The-marsh'. Greek: Samos. *** Title of AFRODITE/x [`Froth-of-replication']. [Obviously] var. of ELEIA/x. EB/Aphrodite.

ELEIA, ]LA/\, `Lady-of-the-marsh'. Greek.
Ety: (perhaps rough-breath, ie. shd. begin with h)epsilon-lambda-epsilon-iota-omikron-sigma, of the marsh or meadow.
Goddess of lowlands, marshes and the vegetation they foster.
*** Title of ARTEMIS/x `High-source-of-water'.
Obvious var: ELEI/x `The-marsh'.

ELINAI, ]LYNI, Etruscan lang. var. of HELENE/x.

ELPIS, ]LPYS, `Hope'. Greek. language variant of Early Cretan, Roman SPES `Hope'.

ENDEIS, ]NDIS, `Entangler'.
Greek. (Perhaps originally Cretan).
The island of Aegina. Synonymm for the cuttle-fish.
TWS: cuttle-fish; sepia [obtained from cuttle-fish I suppose]; the number 8 (sym. of fertility in the Mediterranean - cuttle-fish has 8 arms).
Sons: Peleus `Muddy' (perhaps the title of a sacred king after he'd been annointed with sepia) and Telemon by consort: Aeacus. Sons: Crisus, Naubolus and Panopaeus by Phocus.
GMv1/214, 274; WWGRM/88.
ENNAETES-FRUGIES, ]N*ATAS-FRWGYAS, [`She-who-inhabits-Phrygia']. Phrygia. Epithet of KUBELE/x `She-with-the-axe'. GMG.GS/11.
EMPOUSAE, ]MWSI, `Forcers-in'. Greek. Shapeshifting seductive female demons. TWS: brazen sandal (they wore them like their Mother). *** Daughters of HEKATE/x `She-who-works-from-afar'. Akin to the LAMIAE/x `Greedy-ones'. Similar to the Palestinian LILIM `Children-of-Lilith". GMv1/190.
EPHIPPOS, ]FYP0S, [`On-horse-back']. Greek. [Perhaps] Goddess of the sea and agriculture. TWS: horse (as spirit of the corn). * Title of AFRODITE/x [`Froth-of-replication']. Ref: EB.
EPICHORIE, translit. var. of EPIkhORIE/x.
EPICHORIE, ]PYXORYA, [`Native-of-the-country']. Sardis. Where Her cult was of very long standing. *** Translit. var. EPICHORIE/x. Epithet of KUBELE/x `She-with-the-axe'. GMG.GS/11.
EPIcLIBANIOS, ]PYKLYB*NY0S, `She-who-watches-over-ovens'. Greek. Ety: spelt E(psilong)piklibanio(mikron)s. Goddess of grain; She who inspired the discovery of baking. TWS: [oven; bread]. *** Title of ARTEMIS/x `High-source-of-water'. Translit. var. EPICLIBANIOS/x. EB/Artemis.
EPIMULIOS, ]PYMWLY0S, `She-who-presides-over-mills'. Greek. Ety: spelt Epsilon-p-i-m-upsilon-l-i-omikron-s. Goddess of the development of grains for the use of humanity; She who inspired the invention of grinding corn. TWS: [flour; pestle and mortar] *** Title of ARTEMIS/x `High-source-of-water'.
EPISTROphIA, ]PYST0FY/\, `She-who-turns-them-to-thoughts-of-love'. Alt. means: `She-who-inspires-desire', `Turning-them-to'. Greek. *** Title of AFRODITE/x [`Froth-of-replication']. Translit. var. EPISTROPHIA/x. EB/Aphrodite.
EPISTROPHIA, translit. var. of EPISTROFIA/x.
EPITRAGIA, ]PYTR*GY*, `On-the-goat'. Greek. Goddess of human fertility [and promiscuous love]. TWS: goat. *** Title of AFRODITE/x [`Froth-of-replication']. EB/Aphrodite.
EPITUMBIA, ]PITUMBY/\, `Of-the-graves'. Alt. mean: `She-of-the-tomb." Greek. Delphi. Goddess of death and the dead. TWS: libations to the dead. *** Title of AFRODITE/x [`Froth-of-replicaiton']. Var. EPITYMBIDIA/x. Var. EPITUMBIDIA/x. Var. EPITUMBIOS/x. EB/Aphrodite.
ERATO, ]R*TO, `Beloved-one'. Alt. means: `Awakener-of-desire', `The-passionate'. Greek. Goddess of erotic poetry, love-lyrics, brindal songs and mime.
TWS: small lyre. *** One of the re-named HUADES/x `Rainy-ones'. One of the MOUSAE/x `Inspirers'. One of the NEREIDES/x `Wet-ones'. One of the NUSEIDE/x `Those-of-Mount-Nysa'. WWGRM/159.
ERCEL, 6S]L, `She-bear'. Saxon, British. Lover: Thomas Rhymer. *** Lang. var. of URSEL/x. WEMS/414.
ERGAIA, =GI1, [`Hard-working-earth']. Greek. Ety: see ERGANE ety plus GAIA, the land. Consort: Poseidon. *** Perhaps a form of GAIA/x `Earth'. Mother of KELAINO/x [`Dark-clouds'].
ERGANE, ()G*N], `Worker'. Greek. Ety: e(psilon)rgo(mikron)n, work; ergosia, working, production. Related English worlds: erg; ergasy (a literary production); energy 9with reference to speech or writing - the force or vigour of expression); energetic. Goddess of industry and its benefits; Matroness of all crafts and arts. (According to some: Goddess of the fruits of the field and the procreation of children.) TWS: [all sources of energy]; peplus. Festival: the Greater Panathenaea during which it was the custom to carry, in procession to Her temple, the newly woven peplus for Her image. Title of ATHENE/x `Immortal-one'. EB/Athena.
ERUA, ()RW/\, `---'. Babylonian. Queen of heaven; Bestower of sovereighnty; Controller of birth among all creatures. *** Perhaps ety. rel. to Irish ERIU/x `---'. Perhaps a cognate with HERA/x `Our-lady'. A title of INANNA/x `Queen-of-heaven'. Adopted title of ISHTAR/x `Light-giving'. WEMS/283, 392.
ERYCINA, ()RYSEN/\, [`Heather']. Roman. Title of VENUS/x `Love'.
Erythraean-SIBUL, see SYBULLA/x.
ESET lang. or translit. var. of Egyptian AU-SET/x.
ETHNIU, ]3NYW, `---'. Celtic: Irish. Perhaps a Formor. Son: Lugh, Long-handed, by congenitor Cian. * Daughter of CETHLENN/x [`Crooked-tooth']. CML.CS/62, 90.
EUBOIA, YWB0Y/\, `Rich-in-cows', Greek. HERA's temple, the Heraeum was at the foot of Mount Euboia. Eponym of Mount Euboia and the island Euboea. * Title of HERA/x `Our-Lady'. Ref: EB/Hera.
EUPHRATES, YWFR*TAS, `---'. Roman. Geographical personification. Usually with TIGRIS/x `---'. GRARE/9.
EUPHROSYNE, YWFROS8NA, `Joyousness'. Alt. means: `Good-cheer', `She-who-rejoices-the-heart'. Greek. * One of the Triple khARITEAE/x `Graceful-ones'.
EUPLOIO, YWPL0YO, `Giver-of-prosperous-voyages'. Greek. Goddess of the sea. *** Title of AFRODITE/x [`Froth-of-replication']. EB/Aphrodite.
EUPHROSYNE, translit. var. of EUFROSUNE/x.
EUTERPE, YWT2PA, `Joy-giver'. Alt. mean: `Rejoicing-well'. Greek. Goddess of lyric poetry and music. TWS: double flute. *** One oF the ninefold MOUSAE/x `Inspireres'.