GALANTHIS, G*L*N3Y/\S, `weasel'. Greek: Theban. Vars: Galanthias/x, Galen/x. Fair-haired Goddess (perhaps) of lust, child-birth, midwifery and nursing. The Athenians called Her a harlot. TWS: weasel (Thessalian witches took the form of weasels). Associated with Herakles. (The Thebans offered sacrifice to Her before paying Herakles divine honours because She assisted at his birth). Handmaiden of G `Mighty-in-wrath'. Associated with, and perhaps title of H `She-who-works-from-afar'. GMv2/87. T/x
GALEN var. of I/x.
GALLIA, G*LY/\ `---'. Roman. Geographical personification. GRARE/9
GANUMEDA, G*N8MAD/\, `Rejoicing-in-virility'. Greek. Some say an alternate, or early, name for J/x `Downy-one'.
GANYMEDA, var. of K/x.
GANZIR, G*NZY(), `---'. Semitic name for L/x `Queen-of-deadland'.
GATAMDUG, G*T*MD/\G, `---'. Babylonian. A Goddess with whom the earlier M/x `Space' became merged. BGH/42.
GENETRIX, J]NATRYKS, `She-who-brings-forth'. Roman. Ety| from n, to beget, give-birth. Title of U `Love'.
GENDENWITHA GENDENWITHA, J]ND]NUYX2, `She-who-brings-the-day'. N. America: Iroquois. Goddess of the pre-dawn sky. To whom are sacred: blue-bird (in spring); black-bird (in summer); falcon or hawk (in autumn); morning-star (which is tied to Dawn's forehead, or alternatively, hung above Her doorway). Pursuer: Sesondowah `Great-night' (var: Sosondowah), the Hunter and Dawn's door-keeper. Ref: MBGH/117; NLEM/430.
GENETULLIS, G]NAT8LYS `Bringing-about-birth'. Greek. Var. Genetyllis/x. Title of V/x [`Froth-of-reduplication']. EB/Aphrodite.
GENETYLLIS var. of W/x.
GERMANIA, G2M*NY/\, `---'. Roman. Geographical personification. GRARE/9.
GESHTIN, G]$TYN, `---'. Assyro-Babylonina. Goddess of the vine. NLEM/61.
GIRIJA, GYRYJ*, `Mountain-born'. Hindustani. Title of Y/x `She-of-the-mountains'. Daughter of the Himalayas. Ref: HDH.
GLAUCE var. of Z/x.
GLAUCOPIS var. of AA/x.
GLAUKE, GL9KA, `Owl'. Greek. Var: Glauce/x. One of the AB/x `Wet-ones'.
GLAUKOPIS, GL9KOPYS, `Keen-eyed'. Alt. mean: `Keen-eyes'. Greek. Var. Glaucopis/x. Ety: may have originally signified `Owl-faced'. Title of AC/x `Immortal-one'. EB/1911
GONDUL, G0NDUL, `---'. Norse. One of the VALKYRIES/x. Perhaps an aspect of FREYA/x as leader of the Valkyries.
GORGE, G4G], `Grim'. Perhaps an aspect of ARTEMIS/x. Associated with, as sister, DEIANIRA/x.
GORGOPIS, G4GOPYS, `Grim-faced'. Greek. Title of ATHENE `Immortal-one'. Alternate name for Pelasgian INO `She-who-makes-sinewy'. GMv1/70.7.
GRACIAE, `Graceful-ones'. Roman. Alt. name for Greek khARITEAI `Graceful-ones'. * variant: GRATIAE
GRHADEVI, GrH/\DAVE `Goddess-of-the-household'. Hindustani. Perhaps alt. name: GRHALAKS(H)MI/x `Household-prosperity'. Also called JARA/x `Becoming-old'. HDH/105.
GRHALAKS(H)MI, GrH/\L/\K$ME `Household-prosperity'. Hindustani. Gaurdian Goddess of a new house; She who is worshipped and invoked to give happiness, comfort, wealth, children, health and longevity to its inmates. Perhaps alt. name for GRHADEVI/x `Goddess-of-the-household'. HDH/105.
worked on May 1995