Herophile, HAROFELA, `Dear-to-Hera'. Greek. ù Daughter of NESO/x `---'. ù Title or name of the Cumaean SIBYL (poss. lating word) `---'. ù Perhaps the Sibyl of Marpessa. WWGRM/70, 163.
HERTA, lang. var. of ERDA/x.
HERTHUS, lang. var. of ERDA/x.
HERTHA, lang. var. of ERDA/x.
HESIONE, H]SEONA, (May 12/83) `Queen-of-Asia'. Trojan Greek. Goddess of the sea coast. TWS: [palm; sand].
HERTA, lang. or spel. var. of ERDA.
HETH [Found this name once, can't remember where, or who, or anything.]
HEVEH, H]V], `---'. Mesopotamian lang. var. of HAWWAH/x `Mother-of-all-living'.
HILARITAS, HYL*RYT/\S, `---'. Personification of abstract idea. Roman. GRARE/8.
HIMALAYA (definition) `Home-of-snow'. alaya: abode or home (of) hima: snow. "The Snow Leopard" Peter Matheissen p.23. 23
HIMBUTO `---'. Var. (prob. Greek) of Buto, alt. name for UATCHIT/x.
HIPPONOE, HYPONOA, `Horse-wisdom'. Greek. Title of IO/x `Exalted-moon'.
HISPANIA, HYSP*NY/\, [`Goddess-of-Spain']. Roman. Geographical personification. GRARE/9.
HONOS, HON0S, [`Honour']. Roman. Personification of an imperial virtue. GRARE/8, 11.
HORN, H4N, `The-holy'. Norse. The linen woman. A title or aspect of FREYA/x `Dearly-beloved'.
HORSEL, var. of URSULA/x.
HOSTIA, H0STY/\, `---'. Villanovan adopted by Etruia: Sutrium. Goddess of defense and protection of Her people. Ref: ETAC.ER.
HOTRA, HOTR*, `Calling'. Hindustani. Goddess of ritual invocations. Consort: Agni. Ref: HDH.
HSIANG-CHUN `Mistress-of-the-Hsiang'. Chinese. Elder Sister aspect of dual HSIAN-FEI `Hsiang-consort', Goddess of the Hsiang river. Also called O-HUANG `Fairy-radiance'. DWDLRM/49-50. T/x
HSIANG-FEI `Hsiang-consort'. Chinese. Goddess of the Hsiang River. In dual form composed of: Elder sister HSIANG-CHUN `Mistress-of-the-Hsiang'. Younger sister HSIANG-FU-JEN `Lady-of-the-Hsiang'. In singular also called HSIANG-O `Hsiang-fairy'. In singular also called TI-TZU `God's-child'. DWDLRM/4. T/x
HSIANG-FU-JEN `Lady-of-the-Hsiang'. Chinese. Younger sister aspect of dual HSIANG-FEI `Hsiang-consort'. Goddess of the Hsiang river. Also called: NU-YING `Maiden-bloom'. Also called TI-TZU `God's-child'. DWDLRM/4, 49-50. T/x
HSIANG-O `Hsiang-fairy'. Chinese. Alt. name for HSIANG-FEI `Hsiang-consort'. DWDLRM/4. T/x
HUMANITAS, HWM/\NYT/\S, `---'. Roman. Personification of abstract idea. GRARE/8.
HUN-AHPU-MTYE, H/\N-*PW-MYTE, (Apr 27/83) `Grand-mother'. S. America: Guatemala. Goddess of the moon. TWS: tapir. Son: Gucumatz by consort Hun-Ahpu-Vuch `Grandfather'. NLEMA/439.
Hypate, HšP*T], `---'. Greek: Delphi. Goddess of inspiration. TWS: the high note of the lyre. Triple with: MESE `---'. NETE `---'. Ref: WWGRM. T/x.
HVOV, HV0V, `The-earth', Persian (Iranian) equivalent of HAWWAH/x `Mother-of-all-living'.
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