IAERA,YIR/\, `---'. Greek. One of the NEREIDES/x `Wet-ones'.
Iahu, I*HW, `Exalted-dove'. Sumerian, Pelasgian, perhaps Hebraic. Linguisitic note: Sumerian ia exalted, hu dove. The Egyptian hieroglyph hu also means dove. Ia-Hu therefore seems to be a combination of Ia `The-exalted-one', the Moon-goddess as Cow, and Hu, the same Goddess, as Dove. Goddess of the moon, the sea and sky; Ruler of the course of the solar year; Creatrix of the Universe; Mother of all pleasure. Her name was adopted as a title by Jehovah and other Gods. To whom are sacred: dove; the winds; dance; golden-chains. Ref: BGH/GMv1.RG/28; WG.RG/337-8.
IALUSA, Y*L8S/\, `Wailing-woman'. Greek. Especially Rhodes. One person of the Triple DANAIDES/x `Those-who-judge'.
IALYSA, tranlit. var. of IALUSA/x.
IANASSA, Y*N*S/\, `---'. Greek. One of the NEREIDES/x `Wet-ones'.
IANEIRA, Y*NIR/\, `---'. Greek. One of the NEREIDES/x `Wet-ones'.
ICHNAIA, translit. var. of IkhNAIA/x
IDALIA, YD/\LY/\, `---'. Cyprus. Title of AFRODITE/x [`Froth-of-replication'].
IEVA, translit. var. of JIVA/x.
IkhNAIA, YXNI/\, `She-who-tracks-down'. Greek Goddess of justice.
Translit. var. ICHNAIA/x.
Title of NEMESIS/x `Due-enactment'.
Title of THEMIS/x `Natural-law'.
ILA, YL*, `---'.
Assoc. with BHARATI/x `---'.
Assoc. in one of the Apri Hymns with SARASVATI/x `She-who-flows'.
ILITHYIA, translit. var. of EILEITHYIA/x.
INADJET, YN/\DJ]T, lang. or transciption var. of UATCHIT/x.
INDULGENTIA, YNDULJ]NTY/\, `---'. Roman. Personification of a virtue (probably imperial); Abstract idea. GRARE/8, 11.
ININNA, var. of INANNA/x.
INNIN, var. of INANNA/x.
IOULO, YWLO, [`Cry-cry']. Alt. mean: `Corn-sheaf'. Greek. TWS: iouloi (`Howls', the cries which invoked Her, made by Demeter's devotees).
Title of DEMETER/X `Barley-mother'.
Similar to Hindustani SVAHA/x `---'.

IPHNOE, translit. var. of IFINOE/x.
IRAVATI, YR*V/\TE, `---'. Hindustani. Consort: Rudra. *** Title of DURGA/x [`Inaccessiblel-one']. HDH/120.
IRKALLA, 2rK*L*, `---'. Sumerian?. TWS: Irkalla (the underworld realm). Alt. name or poss. lang/spel var. of ERESHKIGAL/x `Queen-of- deadland'.
ISCAH, YSK*, `Seer'. Hebraic? Title of SARAH/x `Queen'.
ISH-ISH, Y$-Y$, `She-who-weeps', see ISIS/x Ety.
ISONG, IS0?, `---'. (Mar 16/83). West Africa: Ibibio and Ekoi tribes. Goddess of earth's fertility. TWS: tortoise-shell. *** Also called EKA-OBASI/x, `---'. Also called OBASI-NSI/x `---'.
ITALIA, YT*LY/\, `---'. Roman. Geographical personification. GRARE/9.
ITONIA, YTONY/\, `Onset'. Alt. mean: `Of-the-willows'. Greek: Thessaly. *** Title of ATHENE/x `Immortal-one'.
IUDAEA, YWDI/\, `---'. Roman. Geographical personification of Judaea. GRARE/9.
IUNE, var. of IUNO/x.
IUSAS, YWS/\S, `---'. Egyuptian. A double of, or dual with: NEBHET-HOTEP/x `---'. * See IUSAS-NEBHET-HOTEP/x `Mistress-of-the-Deities'.
IUSAS-NEBHET-HOTEP, YWS*S-N]BH]ET-HOT]P, `Mistress-of-the-Dei ties'. Egyptian. Dual Goddess; Sole Parent of the first divine couple Tefnut and Shu. TWS: scepter; vulture head-dress; disk between a pair of horns. Consort: Tem `Divine-god' or Ra `'. * Spel vars: IUSAASET-NEBT-HETEP/x. * Singular form IUSAS/x `---'. * Singular form NEBHET-HOTEP/x `---'. Ref: DWM/145; NLEM; WWEM/77, 185.
IUSTITIA, YWSTYTY/\, [`She-of-justice']. Roman. Abstract idea; personification of allegory. Grare/8.
IWERIDD, YU2RYD, `Ireland'. Welsh. Consort: Llyr. * Perhaps Mother of CREIDDYLAD/x [`Shining-one-of-the-sky']. * Associated with, perhaps same as PENARDUM/x `---', who has same consort. Ref: CML.CS/270.