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Jezanna, ----.

[to Whom the eighteenth day of February, day 048, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: African: Mashona (or Mahoni [?]) people of Zimbawee.

Description: Glowing Goddess of the moon; She Who shows Herself as the golden moon; She Whose image dwells in the sacred lake Davisa; Giver of abundant crops, plentiful cattle, and healthy children; Purveyor of wisdom. Her high priestess, and primary representative on earth, trusts to her own inner sense of morality as her source of understanding and proper interpretation of the wishes of Jezanna.

To Whom are sacred: reed-pipes (used in Her festival); crocodile (as a purification rite, Her priest exists only on crocodile meat while living silently alone in the jungle for one month prior to Her major festival); zebra-tail switch (shaken and swung by the Nganga when he dances during Her festival); the lake Davisa (an inherent part of Her worship); originally child sacrifice (the tears of lamentation for the sacrificed child were a sympathetic magic rain-charm); golden-disk, symbol of the moon (worn on the fore-head of Her high-priestess).

Festival: annual, exact date unknown but probably a harvest full moon. It includes prayers of gratitude for past benefits and prayers requesting one more year of blessings.

Male associate: Her priest is called Nganga, ----.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Source: Stone AMWv1 133, 135, 142-3.

worked on: August 1991.
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