MADRA, Mother. 1/36.

Latin. Sources: 1/FTNYB (4000 Names for Your Baby).

MAGDELENE, Tower-of-Strength, 1/36. Alt. mean: High-Tower, 2/111.

Hebrew. 1/36

Ety: Her name is occasionally used to denote a reformed prostitute, 3. ***

Sources: 1/FTNYB (4000 Names for Your Baby); 2/Browder NABNB; 3/AHDEL.

MARTHA, Lady, 2. Alt. mean: The-Lady, 1/37.

Aramaic. 1/37.

Ety: feminine of Aramaic mare, lord.

Sources: 1/(4000 Names for Your Baby) FTNYB; 2/AHDEL


MA-TSU-PO, M*-TSW-PO, ---.


Queen of heaven; Holy Mother of mercy; Matron of measure; Matroness of seafarers.

MAHI, M/\HE, Great.


Goddess of the earth; Universal soma cow; She from whom flows all prosperity and abundance. An epithet frequently applied to diving beings and powers.

Sources: Stutley HDH 174.


Welsh lang. var. of MARY/x.

MAJESTA, translit. var. of MAIESTA/x.

MAkh, M*X, [Great].

Poss. Babylonian.

Sources: Cavendish MIE 88.

MALDET, ---.


Greek. Temple at Megara.

Goddess She who inspired the use of wool.

TWS: [sheep].

Sources: Kravitz WWGRM 147


Babylonian [?].

MAMA-COCHA, M*M*-KOC*, Mother-Sea.

Peruvian. Inca and other tribes.

Goddess of the Ocean; Source of health and all food; Fish provider.

TWS: whale.

Sources: Monaghan BGH 189.

MAMA-COYA, M*M*-K0Y/\, ---. S.

America. Inca.

Sources: Monaghan BGH 190.


S. American. Inca.


S. American. Inca.

One of Those who appearing with their brothers at creation populated the world; Most intelligent of the Inca foremothers; She who won land for Her people by Her guile.

Other foremothers [some obviously vars. of each other but source material does not indicate the matter clearly]:

Sources: Monaghan BGH 190.


S. American. Inca.

Sources: Monaghan BGH 190.

MAMA-PACHA, M*M*-P*C*, ---.

S. America. Peru.

Goddess of the earth and agriculture; Food supplier; She who lives beneath mountains; She whose quiverings are felt as earthquakes. During planting and harvest, women talk softly to Her while walking through the fields.

TWS: dragon [She probably manifests in this form]; mountain; cornmeal (poured on Her surface as a thank-offering).

Sources: Monaghan BGH 190.

MAMA-QUILLA, M*M*-KUYL/\, Mother-Moon.

S. America. Peru. Goddess of the moon.

TWS: Festivals: especially honoured during eclipses at which time a divine jaguar tried to devour Her.

Icon: a silver disk with a woman's face.

Sources: Monaghan BGH 190.

MAMA-RAHUA, M*M*-R*HU*, ---.

S. America. Inca.

Sources: Monaghan BGH 190.



Haitian voodoo.

Goddess (a Loa, Spirit) of death; Owner of cemeteries; Mother of the spirits who outline, dig, and mark graves.

Sources: Monaghan BGH 190.

MANASA, Spirit-Of-Mind.


MANASVINI, She-Who-Is-Full-Of-Thought.


Mbaba-Mwana-Waresa, MB*B*-MU*N*-U*RAS*, ---.

Africa. Zulu of Natal.

Goddess of the heavens; Power of thunder and lightning; She Who pours Her waters from the sky, the rains of plenty and good fortune; She Who makes the forests green, and renews vegetation; She in Whose sparkling eyes may be seen the richness of the earth and the fruitfulness of the growing land; Teacher of the arts of husbandry; She Who instituted marriage rites.

To whom are sacred: zebra (She wears the torn hide of a zebra on Her wedding day); rainbow (rainbow arches roof Her heavenly home - Her skirt, other than on Her wedding day, is rainbow coloured); beer (a gift from Her for joyful celebrations); shaved head (She shaved Her own preparitory to Her marriage); ashes (She smears Her body with ashes prior to Her marriage).

Male associate: consort, a mortal whom She came to earth to marry and returned with to heaven.

Sources: Stone AMWv1 151-3

** Bunzi, BWNZE, ---.

Africa. Woyo of Zaire.

Serpent Goddess of rain; She Who causes fruit and nuts to grow; She Who is immanent in the rainbow.

Sources: Stone AMWv1 150.

** Mujaji, MWJ*JE, ---.

Africa. Lovedu, a Bantu trive of the Transvaal.

Linguistic note: this name is inherited by Lovedu queens.

Rain Queen incarnate in mortal Lovedu queens; Queen of the rain-makers; white-faced one; She Who is as radiant as the sun; She Who gives water to wash the face; Transformer of clouds; She Who garantees the cycle of the seasons.

Sources: Parrinder AM 118-9 (and see for more information on Mujaji).

Metsola, `---'.


Goddess of the forest.

TWS: forest trees.

**Luonnotar[?\cyc\l\Luonnotar], (qv), is a Finnish Goddess.

Michal, Holy-Spirit.


Goddess Creatress of human-kind; Mighty power; Holy spirit of the sea.

TWS: dust (i.e. soil); sea-water.