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Mu-Olokukurtilisop, Giant-Blue-Butterfly-Lady.
[to Whom the thirteenth day of September, day 256, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Central America: Cuna of Panama.
Description: Goddess of the universe; Mother of the sun; Mother of the moon; Mother of the stars; She Whose sacred womb, stirring with life brought forth all animals and plant life; Enfolder of the dead; prophetic Protectress and Initiator of women.
To Whom Sacred: the saptur tree (in which She is incarnate: the cross-grain of a cut tree is used for divining); saptur-tree fruit (their red juice is Her menstral blood and is painted on the faces of girls during the puberty rites which bring them into womanhood); saptur-tree groves; great blue-butterfly; mountain cave (in which the dead rest); shorn hair (the girls have their hair cut as part of the puberty rites).
Male Associates: Son/lover: the Sun. Son/grandson/lover: the Moon.
Source: Stone AMWv1 78-9.

worked on: September, August 1995; August 1991.
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