NA'ILA transcription var. of Naila/x.
Nadi, N/\DE, `---', Hindustani. The name of a river and its banks when personified as a Goddess. The channel through which energies flow through the human subtle body. Ref: HDH/97.
Nahab, N*H*B, `---'. Egyptian. Snake headed Goddess. Ref: BHG/212.
Nahkeeta, N*K]T/\, `---'. Lake Sutherland (Olympic Mts). Delicate maiden Goddess with hair like a stream and a voice like a waterfall; Gentle as a water-bird. TWS: wild-plants; dense forest; water-birds; blue lake. Ref: BHG/212.
Naiads, NIïDZ, `ÄÄÄ'. Greek. Nymph Goddesses of brooks. Some say of rivers and springs also, or, fountains and lakes, or fresh water in general. Salmachis, see Salmaone I think. Naiad daughters of Literses, (a poet), anyone of Whom may have had Daphnis (inventor of bucolic poetry) for lover: Luce, Nais, Nomia, Piplea, Xenea. Nais, N*YS, `ÄÄÄ'. Greek. Son: Glaucus by Poseidon (also said to be the son of Alcyone). A Naiad Daughter of Literses.
Nomia, NOMY/\ `---'. Greek. A NAiad/x. Daughter of Literses. Source: WWGRM/144, 161, 165, 240; BGH/213; NLEM/149; WWGRM/161.
Nair, N()r. Spel. var. of NAR/x. NAR, N*r, `---'. Irish. Spel var. Nair/x. Goddess of the land; Bestower of sovereignty. Ref: BGH/214.
Nambi, N/\MBY, `---'. African: Uganda. Provider of seeds and edible plants. Consort: Kintu. Ref: BGH/213.
Napaea, N*P*]*], `---'. Greek Ancient Nymph Goddesses of hills, woods, and glens. Ref: WWGRM/161, 166.
Nar-Azer-Ava, N*-@Z2-*V/\, `-Mistress'. Finno-Ugric: Mordvins. Goddess of the meadows. * qv Azer-Ava/x. Niski-Ava, NYSKE-/\V/\, `---'. Finno-Ugric: Mordvin. Goddess of women. qv also Azer-Ava/x. Norov-Ava, N0R0V-AVA, `Mistress---'. Finno-Ugric: Mordvin. Goddess of the corn. Perhaps an aspect of: A-Ava/x Ref: BGH/39. Ref: BGH/39. Ref: BGH/39.
Narucnici, N*RWKNYKY, `---'. Bulgarian form of Rojenice/x.
Naru-Kami, N*RW-K*ME, `---'. Japanese. Lang. var. Kami-Naru/x. Goddess of thunder; Protectress of trees; Matroness of artisans. TWS: any place where one of Her bolts have struck. Ref: BGH/214.
Nasa, N/\S/\, `---'. Persian. Demon Goddess of death; Devourer of corpses. TWS: fly; [maggots]. Ref: BGH/214.
Naupiadame, N9PY*D*M], `---'. Greek. Lover: Helios. Possible son: Augeias. Ref: WWGRM/161.
Nausicaa, N9SYK*, `---'. Greek. Daughter of Goddess Arete/x. Apart from that and the fact that She "resembles" Artemis/x, She may be more mortal that divine. Ref: WWGRM/161.
Navky(s), N@VKE(Z), `---'. Slavic. Russian var. Mavky. Lovely water-dwelling Goddesses; those who call out to passers-by, leap on, and tickle them to death. TWS: the number 7 (the number of years drowned children and babies who die in infancy haunt their relatives before becoming NAVKYS) Ref: BGH/215.
Nebhet-Hotep, N]BH]T-HOT]P, `---'. Egyptian. Son: Shu `He-who-holds-up' by consort: Atum (Tem) [`Complete-in-himself']. A double of, or dual with: IUSAS Nebt-Hetep, N]BT-H]T]P, spel. var. of NEBHET-HOTEP Mother of: Tefnut Ref: NLEM/13; WWEM/77.
Neda, N]D/\, `---'. Nurse Goddess of the infant Zeus. Ref: WWGRM/162.
Nedolya, N]D0LY*, `---'. Russia. Shabbily-dressed old Hag Goddess of ill fortune. TWS: the space behind the stove (where She lives). * Dual with Dolya Ref: BGH/87.
Nehem-Away, N]H]M-*UA, `She-who-takes-care-of-the-deprived'. Egyptian. Goddess of those who have been robbed or plundered; Preserver; She who drives away evil spirits. TWS: sistrum. * Beneficent aspect of HATHOR
Nemertes, N]M()TAS, `---'. * A Nereid Ref: WWGRM/162.
Nerio, N()RYO, `The-strong-one'. Roman. [Goddess of war]. Consort: Mars. May have shared his festivals. Ref: EB/Mars; WWGRM/163.
Nesaea, N]S*]*, `---'. Greek. * A Nereid Ref: WWGRM/163.
Neso, N]SO, `---'. Greek. Nymph Goddess. * Mother of: Herophile. Ref: WWGRM/163.
Nesreca, N]SR]K/\, `---'. Serbian. Sleepy old Crone with blood-shot eyes, bringer of bad luck. Dual Goddess of fate with: * Sreca. Ref: BGH/276.
Nete, N]TA, `---'. Greek: Delphi. Goddess of inspiration. TWS: the low note of the lyre. Triple with: Hypate and Mese Ref: WWGRM/Nete.
Nikumbhila, NYKUMBHYL*, `---'. Hindustani. Goddess of groves, dancing and wine. TWS: trees; human sacrifice.
Nin-, NYN, `Lady'. see Nin-Kharsag[?\cyc\n\Nin-Kharsag].
Nomoi, NOM0Y, `---'. Micronesia. A Goddess similar to Lorop/x. Also called: Mortlock/x. Ref: BGH/181.
Nortia, N4TY/\, `---'. Villanovan adopted by Etruria: Volsinii. Goddess of protection and time-linked destiny. TWS: a nail pounded into the wall of Her temple at the end of each year (as a record of the passage of time). Ref: BGH/223; ETAC.ER.
Norwan, N4U/\N, `Dancing-porcupine-woman'. N. America: Wintuns of Califonia. Daughter of the earth and sun; Goddess of light; She who brought food to earth; She who is the dance of warm air above the growing plants. TWS: dance. Ref: BGH/224.
Notre-Dame-de-Mars, N0Tr-D/\M-D2-M*, `Our-Lady-[Mother]-of-Mars'. French. A title of B/x derived from B-Martialis/x as the Mother of Mars. TWS: Festival Mar. 25 (originally in honour of Iuno-Martialis and the conception of Mars).
Nyctimene, NÜKTYM]NA, `---'. Greek. TWS: owl (into which She was transformed by E/x). Daughter of: F/x. [Perhaps mortal or literary].
Nymphai, N8MFI, [`Nubile-ones']. Poss. alt. mean: `Those-who-cause-rapture'. Transcrip. var: Nymphai/x, anglecised Nymphs/x. Ety: d, a bride, a young wife; a married woman. Latin: e. Aumfaion, a temple or shrine sacred to the Numfai. Bumfaios, of, or sacred to the Numfai. Benevolent inspirational Goddesses of wild and fertile mountains, grottoes, forests, woods, groves, meadows, springs, brooks, rivers and seas; Divine Shes Who sometimes abscond with beloved mortals, or visit with dire consequences those who are unresponsive to their love. TWS: chrysalis; f (the common white or yellow water-lily). Aolya Ref: BGH/87. Dryades, Meliae, Naiades, Nereides Nyseides Oceanides, Oreades, Orestiades. Lost a couple or so at the beginning because of mistake. Ref: IGEL/537.
Nymphenomene, trancrip. var. of Z/x N8MF]NOM]NA, `Seeking-a-Mate'. Transcrip. var. Nymphenomene, Nympheunomene/x. Greek. Second person of Greek Triple Goddess H/x. also called: I/x.
Nymphia, transcrip. var. of AA/x NUMFIA, N8MY*, `Bridal-Goddess'. Greek. Title of J as: Goddess of marriage and family life. Ref: (28).
Nymphai, transcrip. var. of Y/x. Nymphs, familiar anglecised form of AB/x.