Onga, transcrip. var. of Ogka.
Onka, transcrip. var. of Ogka.
Opis, 0PYS,`Awe'. Vars. Greek, perhaps esp. Ortygia. Ety: Gr. omicron-pi-iota-sigma, (opis), 1. the favour or vengeance of the Deities. 2. religious awe, veneration, reverence. IGEL 562. Tutelary Goddess of childbirth; (Perhaps) Goddess of death; (perhaps) Powerful Divinity of nature. Sometimes referred to as the Nymph who reared Artemis. Some times masculined as Her father. Also said to be the name (ie probably title as, an incarnation of the Goddess) ,of one of Her priestesses. TWS: hair dedicated by brides; perhaps human sacrifice.
Title of Artemis, `High-source-of-water'.
Translit. var. Oupis.
Translit. var. Upis.
Ref: EB/Artemis; GM.RGv1/41.d,4; GM.RGv2/110.c, index; PCMD; WWGRM/170.
Ossa, 0$1, `Rumour'. Alt. mean: `Voice', `Sound'. Homeric Greek. Messenger of the Deities; She whose origin is unknown. *** Alt. name for Fama. IGEL/573.
Oupis, translit. var. of Opis.