Pangia, `All-golden-woman-of-the-town'.
Geography/Culture: Greek.

Paphia, `The-of-the-foam'.
Geography/Culture: Greek .

Parthenia, 'Maiden`
Geography/Culture: Greek.

Parthenos, 'Maiden`
Geography/Culture: Greek.

Pasithea-Cale-Euphrosyne, `Goddess-of-joy-who-is-beautiful-to-all'
Geography/Culture: Greek.

PAX, P*KS, `Peace'.
(to whom the 21st day of June is dedicated)

Geography/Culture: Roman.
Goddess of peace [and preservation; She Who ensures that well-weaponed animals rarely kill each other in intra-specie fighting; Balancer of ecological systems].
TWS: the sign by which one animal knows another has had enough; [Her name used as that sign between human-beings]; cornucopia.

Pekhet, '---`
Egyptian - alternate name for Egyptian ~Ubasti 'She-of-the-city-Bast`.

Peris, P]RYS, `---'.
Geography/Culture: Persian.

Per-Uadjit, P6-U1JYT, `---', qv Wadjet.

Phaenna, FIN1, poss more properly: F*]N1, `Brilliant'. qv Chariteae,
Geography/Culture: Laconian.

Phaeo, FIO, or poss. F*]O, `Dim'. qv Hyades.

Phaesyle, FISYL], or poss. F*]SYL]. `Filtered-light', qv Hyades.

Phersiphnai, F6SYFNI, [`Bringer-of-destruction']. qv Persefone.

Philosophia, FYLOS0FY1, `Lover-of-wisdom'. qv Hokhma.

Phorcis, F4KYS, `Sow'. qv Forkides.

Phorcides, F4KYDEZ, `Sow's-children', qv Forkides.

Phratria, FR*TRY1, qv Athene-Fratria.

Pieriades,PY=RY*DEZ, `Muse-Goddess-of-Pieria'. qv Mousae.

Plastene, PL*ST]N], `---', qv Ino.

Polioukis, `---'.
Geography/Culture: [Syrian]
  • alternate name for Greek Derketo, 'Opportune-time`.

Polyhymia, `Many-hymns'.
Geography/Culture: Aspect of Boeotian - Mount-Helicon - ninefold Goddess ~Mousae 'Inspirers`, 'Thinkers`.
  • Polymia, 'Many-hymns`
  • Spelling variant of Polyhymnia 'Many-hymns`, aspect of Boeotian - Mount-Helicon - ninefold Goddess ~Mousae 'Inspir ers`, 'Thinkers`.

Postvorta, `She-who-looks-towards-the-future'.
Geography/Culture: Roman.
  • alternate name for Roman ~Carmenta 'Revealer-of-wisdom`.
  • Also alternate name for Roman ~Cardea 'The-hinge.`

Primigenia, 'First-born`
Geography/Culture: Roman.
  • alternate name for Roman ~Vortumna 'She-who-turns-the-year-about`.

Promachos, '---`
Geography/Culture: Greek.
  • alternate name for Greek ~Athene 'Unsuckled-unsuck ling`.

Pronia (I think this is a typo for Pronoia), '---`
Geography/Culture: Greek.
  • alternate name for Greek ~Athene 'Unsuckled-unsuck ling`.

Proserpina, 'Fearful-one`

Geography/Culture: Greek?
Roman name for Greek ~Persephone 'Bringer-of-destruction`.
Ptrotka , Winged-Creature.

Geography/Culture: Hebraic.

    Titles/Variants, etc:
  • Alternate name for Hebraic ~Lilith 'She-of-the-night`, 'Nocturnal-one`, 'Scritch-owl`.

Putrikas, Daughters.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Description: A Putrika is any one of fifty Daughters.
{Nothing under this heading in HDH -- but I know there's references elsewhere to them as Daughters of Daksa}
Male Associate: their father is Daksa.

    Titles/Variants, etc:
  • {Since Danu is a Putrika, and a Daughter of Diti -- Diti may be the mother of them all. On the other hand I've just found a note saying Asikini is thier mother}.
  • Daughters of Asikini, 1├»SYKYNE, ----, Goddess of fecundity.
  • Hindustani Danu, qv Danu, is a Putrika.
  • Daya, see below, is a Putrika.
  • {Perhaps Daughters of Diti qv Danu; and perhaps Asikini is an alternate name for Danu.}
  • See also Naksatra, Who are called Daughters of Daksa.
  • Sati is a Putrika. HDH 273
Lajja is a Putrika. HDH 160.
Daya, D1Y*, Compassion.
Alternate meaning: Sympathy.

Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Male Associates: Consort, Dharma.

    Titles/Variants, etc:
  • A Putrika.
Source: Stutley HDH 71.
Python, Serpent
OCT 26 Greek (also called: Greek - Delphyne 'Womb`).
Goddess of prophesy.
To Whom Sacred: snake; flower-filled spring; [delphinium].
worked on: November 1995