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Rusalky, Daughter-of-Earth.
[to Whom the fourteenth day of October, day 287, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Slavic.
Description: Multiple Goddess Emanations of the earth; Holy mother Russia in Multiple manifestations; nymphs of streams and woodlands.

Source: EB26v25 230.
Vila, {Goddess}.

Geography/Culture: Eastern European: Serbian, Slovenian.
Description: Golden-haired, fair-skinned, glistening garmented shape-shifting, winged nymph Goddess of the woodlands, fields, lakes and streams; She Who concerns Herself with fertility, healing, herb-craft and the rites of death; Guardian of wild animal and plant life; Purifier of streams; Provider of sufficient rain-fall; Guider of souls; Divine One Who dances by moonlight; She Who sometimes decides and foretells the fate of a new-born child.
She sometimes appears in multiple form -- 'where the Vile dance on pagan festival nights, there the grass grows thicker or the corn sprouts more abundantly'. The Vile are sometimes said to be the spirits of virgins and children who leave their graves to dance at night.
To Whom Sacred: [willow-tree]; fairy- or dancing-rings (They must not be disturbed while dancing: anyone joining them must dance presentiment of death).
Shapes sometimes adopted by Vile: snake; swan; falcon; horse; whirl-wind.
Male Associates: consort, Krstnik, `Christ', annointed & accursed one. A mortal who has won the love of a Vila.

Source: FWSDMFL/1157; WEMS/1039, 1047.
worked on: September, July 1995; July 1991.
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