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Sao-Ts'ing-Niang, Broom-Lady.
[to Whom the twenty-fourth day of December, day 358, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Chinese.
Description: Goddess of the rain; She Who sweeps the clouds together or apart and away; She Who is called upon as Saviour from drought.
To Whom Sacred: clouds; broom.
Male Associates: Consort: perhaps Chih-Sung-Tzu, the Lord of Rain. His (un-named) concubine was black-faced, with a serpent in each hand and red and green serpents in Her right and left ears.

Source: BGH/260; CM.AC/75.
Feng-Pho-Pho, ----.

Geography/Culture: Chinese.
Description: Crone Goddess of the wind.
To Whom Sacred: tiger; clouds; bag.

Tien-Mu, Heavenly-Mother.

Geography/Culture: Chinese.
Image of Tien-Mu and the Gods of rain and wind.Description: Goddess of lightning; Mother of the Lightnings; She Who came forth from the laughter of the Heaven.
Iconography: She is represented as standing upon a cloud, raising Her two lightning making mirrors above Her head, often accompanied by the gods of rain and wind.
To Whom Sacred: two mirrors facing each other.
Male Associates: In Pekin Her consort is commonlhy regarded as the God of Thunder, who makes the peal.

Source: AMDDEM Couchoud, page 275, figs 13 p 273, and fig 15 p 275.
worked on: January 1997; November, May 1995; July 1991.
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