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Spes, Hope.
[to Whom the sixteenth day of December, day 350, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Early Cretan, Roman. Temples 6th. c. BCE.
Description: Golden Goddess of the moon, sleep (the little-death), death itself and resurrection; Matron of the drug induced sleep of healing and transformation; Ruler of the underworld; {Queen of the subconsious}.
To Whom Sacred: poppy; ear of grain; bees (priestesses of the moon-Goddess were called bees); beehive (the moon was poetically concieved of as the hive whose bees were the stars); honey (it was believed that all honey came from the moon -- honey is the vital essence, the supreme nutriment of the plant mother, but also has its death symbolism, "to fall into a jar of honey" means, to die, to be embalmed in honey).

Source: GM.EN 262, 267, 300; Vermeule GRARE 8. .
Elpis, Hope.
Alternate meaning: Golden-Hope.

Geography/Culture: Greek.
Linguistic Note: Greek orthography epsilon-lambda-pi-iota-sigma, (elpis). It certainly looks as though this word might be etymologically related to the English word hope, and or even to the word help, but it is not so noted in etymological dictionaries.

worked on: November, May 1995; July 1991.
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