The pronunciations are according to my understanding of the directions in the following books: Greek: FYG.A; Latin: NLG.A&G; Welsh: MOMWT; Hindustani: HDH; Norse: GN.BB. Aztec (Nahuatl) BGRAC. The rest, guessed at, as indicated by "ges" before phonetic rendering.

WADJET, spel. var. of UATCHIT.
WAKAHIRU-ME, ges U/\K/\HIRW-ME, `Young-sun-woman'. Japanese. Ety: waka, young Hiru, sun. me, woman. Goddess of the dawn and the rising sun.
Younger sister of: AMATERASU-OMEKAMI. Ref: NLEM. WAKA-UKE-NOME, ges U/\K/\-UKE-NOME, `Young-woman-with-food'. Japanese. Alt. name for UKEMOCHI-NO-KAMI.
WANG-MU-NIANG-NIANG, ges U@?-MW-NY@?-NY@G, `---'. Chinese. Alt. name for HSI-WANG-MU. Ref: CM.AC/104.
WAZIT, spel. var. of UATCHIT/x.
WEIWOBO, ges UAUOBO, `---'. Chinese. Alt. name for HSI-WAND-MU.
WILA(S), spel. var. of VILA(S).
WILI(S), spel. var. of VILA(S).