ZAHRA, var. of AL-ZAHRA.
ZANARU, Z*N*RW, `Lady-of-the-lands'. Babylonian. Title of ISHTAR/x. Ref: BGH/311.
ZELOS, ZAL0S, `Zeal'. Linguistic notes: Zeta-eta-lambda-omicron-sigma. prob. from zeta-epsilon-omega eager rivalry, zealous imitation, emulation. 1. a noble passion. 2. Rivalry for a thing. 3. The object of emulation or desire, happiness, bliss, honour, glory. 4. Of style: extravagance. 5. Also: fierceness. * sister: NIKE `Victory'. * variant: ZELUS
ZERBANITU, Z6B@NYTU. Translit. or lang. var. of ZARPANIT/x.
ZERBANITUM, Z6B@NYTUM. Translit. or lang. var. of ZARPANIT/x.
ZEUXIDIA, ZYWKSYDY/\, [`She-who-yokes-oxen']. Greek: Mt. Euboea, Argolis. Title of Hera `Earth' as: Goddess of agriculture. TWS: oxen (the first oxen used in ploughing were dedicated to Her).
ZEUIPPE, ZYWYPA, `She-who-yokes-horses'. Greek. Someone's title.
ZIPATONAL, ZYPTON*L, `---'. C. America: Nicaragua. Goddess and creatrix of earth and everything in it. Consort: Tamagostad. Ref: NLEM.
ZOSTERIA, ZOSTARY/\, Ety: Zeta-omega-sigma-tau-eta-rho-iota-alpha * Title of ATHENE/x `I-have-come-from-myself', as: Goddess of the arts of war; She who girds Herself for the fray. TWS: girdle. Ref: EB/prob. article on Athena.