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Her Sacred Symbols

A, the sound
*, the sound symbol, stands for the sound a in father. Whatever shape the letter took in the earliest alphabets, the sound it refered to was *. As a birth letter it is associated with the first sound a new born child utters.

A, the letter
Sacred alphabets of the ancient world signified birth and beginning by the letter A. This letter meant the Creatress, who invented alphabets and gave them to humanity. Tantric sages consider the letter A the mother of all wisdom and therefore of all people of genius. All Bodhisattvas and Buddhas are said to have been produced by A.
For the Greeks the letter alpha denoted the river of birth or creation. It's other name was Styx, the river of death, for in the cyclic system of the ancients, birth and death merged in a circular continuum. The river Styx circled seven times through the earth's womb and emerged again as Alpha. Source: WEMS 2.
The Hebrew letter 'Ayin was the 'eye' in the sacred alphabet and may be etymologically connected with Goddess Aa under the variant form of Her name Aya. Source: WEMS 294.
* (the sound) and A (the letter) (Babylonia, Assyria) - sacred to Aa.

One of the 9 materials of Nimrod's Tower (ie: part of a sentence) = conjunction. Graves WG 121.
Hebraic = SANT, wild acacia -- golden flowers, sharp thorns, also called shittim-wood, ie: from Cyprus. Waterproof timber -- arks are made from it.. It is associated with the sun, Noah, Osiris, Xisuthros. It is a host of the mistletow-like loranthos.
In the Beth Luis Nion writing system is corresponds to H - Uath, the Hawthorn. Graves WG 264

Old English: aler, alor ; Spanish: aliso ; Scandinavian: else; German: erle. Root: El 'Red, brown', forming animal and tree names. Extended form in Old English perhaps yeilds Elder and Elm. Extended Germanic form yields Aliza, 'Elder'.
Of the genus alnus, having reddish wood. Likes moist, swampy places. Associated with death. Often grows round the edges of funeral isles. Funerary pipes were made from alder-bark by the Celts of Britain. Elves are sometimes called alder fairies.
In the Beth Luis Nion writing system, the alder signifies F for Fearn. WG 264.
* alder (Celtic: European) - Made sacred to Alys because of the etymological connection between the words, as well as its association as a death tree. Source: : GMv1.RG 114

From French: Alizari, madder', via Spanish from Arabic al-asarah 'the juice pressed out'. Orange-red compound.
* alizarin (Celtic: European) -- Made sacred to Alys for the sound similarity and because of the possible connection of red colour to death Goddesses.

the fifty sanskrit letters (Hindustani) - sacred to Bhairavi.
the ogham letters (Celtic: British & Irish) - sacred to Druantia.

ALYSSUM the genus
from Greek alysson curing (canine) madness, i.e. it was believed to cure rabies, and so also sometimes called madwort.
alyssum (Celtic: European) -- made sacred to Alys for the sake of the similarity in sound.

amber (post-Homeric Greek) -- sacred to the Heliades, Western-Ones.

ambergris (Syria): sacred to Anath, with which She rubbed Herself before intercourse with Baal).

dog-headed ape (Egyptian) -- (now only found in the Sudan) associate and companion of Thoth, ---, 122. Skilled in the art of computation, in the science of numbers, and in the measurement of time, 122.
dog-headed ape (Egyptian) -- the spirits of dawn who sing hymns of praise to the Sun God Ra `---' whilst he is rising, 122.

apple (Teutonic) -- sacred to Hulda.
apple (Norse in Britain) -- sacred to Goda.
apple bough (Greek) -- Sacred to Nemesis Who is sometimes depicted as holding it in Her hand. Refers to the immortality She bestowed on the sacrificial victims whom She chased. (Ref: Robert Graves -- prob. the Greek Myths).
apple-tree & fruit (Greek) -- sacred to Hesperides. The serpent Ladon coiled round its trunk was the apple-tree's gaurdian.

APRIL, the month of
the month of April (Greek): sacred to Aphrodite.

ARROWS see also BOW and ARROWS.
two crossed arrows (Libya > Egypt) -- sacred to Neith. She sometimes wears them on her head. Two crossed arrows and a shield, also stand for Her.

The ash was a sacred and magic tree in Ireland. Its wood is a charm against drowning. In British folklore, the ash is the tree of re-birth. Naked children were passed through cleft pollard ashes as a cure for rupture. A Druid's wand (found in Anglesey, early 1st cent.) is ash. The letters of the Runic alphabet were formed from ash-twigs. The tree is considered 'cruel' since it's shade is harmful to grass and corn, and its roots strangle those of other forest trees. Ash charcoal yield's the highest heat for smelting. It attracts lightning, and therefore figures in rain-making and fire-making ceremonies.
ashwood casket (Norse) -- sacred to Idunn.
ash -- the tree, it's cut wood and charcoal made from it, sacred to Greek Melia.

ass (Roman) sacred to Vesta.
ass (Syria): sacred to Anath.
ass (Syria): sacred to Qadesh (qv Anath). Sacrificed at harvest to reawaken the spirit of the vine, which the ass, nibbling the leaves might have eatern. NLEM/77
ass (Syria) -- sacred to Derceto.
crossed-eyed ass (Hindustani) -- symbol of Dhumavati.

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