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Her Sacred Symbols

vajra, spiritual weapon (Hindustani) - sacred to Dakini.

VENUS, the planet.
the brightest, sixth-largest planet in the solar system and the second in distance from the sun, with a dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide and a very high surface temperature: diameter, c. 12,100 km (c. 7,520 mi.); period of revolution, c. 225 earth days; period of rotation (retrograde), 243.01 earth days. The astronomical symbol for the planet, Her symbol, has become the symbol for female, {which came first?} it is paralleled by the symbol for male in the astronomical symbol for Mars (Her consort in Roman mythology, following the Greek lead of Aphrodite and Ares, revealing the very patriachal character of classical Greece and its chauvanistic perception of the sexes: woman equals man's sexual satisfaction, man equals the noable agressive warrior).
Venus, the planet is named after the Roman Goddess Venus, Epitome-of-Grace-and-Charm.
venus, as the morning star (Sumeria): sacred to DILBAH (qv AGASAYA). The association of this Goddess with war may have arisen from the association of the luminous presence of the morning star with the dawn attack of raiders.
venus (Persia): sacred to ANAHITA, which She personifies, and which was perhaps called Anahita.

VINE see also WINE
vine-stock -- sacred to AMPHICTYONIS.

Vulture -- chief object of adoration in Upper Egypt, city of Nekhebet (Greek - Eileithyiaspolis). Sacred to NEKHEBET. 122.
vulture (Cretan) -- sacred to the Harpyiai.

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