To the Goddess named --- Aphrodite

I believe in Aphrodite,
the flower-faced,
Goddess of Love and Beauty;
The self-existing,
eternal and only Supreme Deity;
Creator and Mother of the Cosmos;
the Universal Cause;
the Universal Mind;
the Source of all life
and all positive creative forces of nature;
Fountain Head of all happiness and joy...

...Blessed Thou art,
O beautiful Goddess;
and our love for Thee
is like the sky which has no bounds;
like eternity
which has no ending;
like Thy beauty itself
that no words could describe.
For we love Thee
with every atom of our souls
and our bodies,
O Aphrodite:
holiest, sweetest, loveliest,
most blessed, most glorious, most beautiful
Goddess of beauty.

Gleb Botkin's Creed, Quoted by William Seabrook in Witchcraft: Its Power in the World Today. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1940.

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