Invocations, Pleas, Poems, Prayers, Hymns and Other Homage to HER:

the Goddess named --- Aphrodite


Revered, golden-crowned, and beautiful Aphrodite

is Whom I shall sing,

Whose dominion is the walled cities

of all sea-set Cyprus,

where the water force of the western wind, breathing

bore Her over the waves of the much-resounding sea

in soft foam.

And the Hours in their golden diadems

received Her with joy,

clothed Her in ambrosial garments,

and placed a well-wrought crown, beautiful and golden,

on Her immortal head

and flowers of copper and precious gold

in the pierced lobes of Her ears.

They adorned Her delicate neck and silver-white breasts

with necklaces

such as the golden-diademed Hours Themselves wear when

They go to the lovely

dance of the Gods in the house of Their father.

When They had placed all this adornment

on Her flesh

They led Her to the immortals,

who, seeing, welcomed Her

and gave Her their hands;

and each of them prayed

that he might lead Her home

to be his wedded wife,

marveling at the form

of the Cytherean, crowned in violets.

Hail, You of the quick-darting eyelids,


grant that I may win this contest

and order my song,

and I will remember You in another.

Sixth Homeric Hymn
(probably composed to be sung at a contest)
translation synthesized from C. Boer and Hugh G. Evelyn-White
MA.PF 58

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