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Alys, Sheltering.

[to Whom the thirtieth day of May, day 150, is dedicated]


Geography/Culture: European celtic. She is especially associated with the Rhöne.
Linguistic Note: Various female names including, Alice, Alison and Alys, are said by some to be derived from a Greek word meaning 'Truth'. According to others the name Alice derives from Old French Aliz a contraction of Adaliz from Old High German Adalhaid meaning 'nobility'. The word Alyschamps, (see the name of Her sepulchral island), which names a Roman cemetary found in Arles, comes from the Latin Elysii Campii after the Greek Elysian Fields.
Description: Muse Goddess of rivers, death and immortality; Queen of the sepulchral island Alyschamps in the Rhöne.
To Whom Sacred: alder; service-tree; sorb-apple; {the genus alyssum; the colour and compound Alizarin}; elf. Source:
Halys, ---.

Geography/Culture: Asia Minor. The River Halys rises in the mountains of central Turkey and eventually flows into the Black Sea.
Linguistic Note: Graves says this is not a Greek word, but just as a matter of interest: Greek halis, means 'abundance', Greek alys means 'listlessness, ennui'. Elysian seems to mean (according to Graves) 'Apple-Land'.
Description: Goddess of the River Halys; Queen of the Elysian Islands; She Whose abode makes the inhabitants blessed. Source: EB/Arles; GMv1/114, 124; WG.RG/191, 254.
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