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Aunelanuhi, Apportioner.
Alternate meanings: Divider.
[to Whom the twentieth day of April, day 110, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: America, North: Cherokee.
Description: Lovely young Goddess of the sun; She Who marks time into seasons and years; She Who meets Her consort the moon once a month.
To Whom Sacred: opossum (who tried to bring Her up from the under-world and burnt off his tail); vulture (who tried to bring Her up from the underworld on his head, but scorched his feathers); soot or ashes (with which She smeared the face of Her unknown to lover).
Male Associate: brother/consort, Moon.

Source: Monghan BGH 295.
Akycha, ----. *KYCH*

Geography/Culture: America, North: Inuit.
Description: Goddess of the sun.
To Whom Sacred: burning brand of wood (symbol of the sun); soot (with which She smeared the face of Her unknown molestor); knife (with which She cut off Her left breast, or as some say, both breasts).
Male Associate: brother/rapist, Moon.

Source: E,R.AMIL/161-2; Monaghan BGH 9.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Keres.
Description: She Who held metals and cattle, pigs and sheep, highways and engines and so many things in Her bundle; She Who went away to the east saying one day She would return.

Source: Allen SH 45.
worked on: November, June 1995; August 1991; June, July 1990.
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