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Augralides, `Rustic-Ones'.
[to Whom the twenty-first day of April, day 111, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Greek: Pre-Hellenic. Greece: 39 north by 21.30 east. Athens: 38 north by 23.38 east.
Description: Triple Goddess of agriculture; the Dewy Sisters; Protectors of earth and its produce; Those Who represent the moon as the source of the dew which refreshes the pastures; Those Who insure the fertilisation of earth by the moon's moistures.

Composed of:
Eldest: Aglauros, `Dew-Fall'
Pandrosos, `All-Dewy'
The youngest: Herse, `Sprinkling-Dew'

To whom are sacred: dew; branch for scattering dew; snake; ritual basket (containing phallic objects); ritual prostitution.
Festival: Hersephoria -- `Dew-gathering' (at which girls went out under the full-moon of mid-summer to gather dew for sacred purposes).

Agraulos, `Rustic-One'.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Pre-Hellenic. She is said to have been worshipped in Cyprus with human sacrifice.
Linguistic note: alph-gamma-alpha-upsilon-lambda-omicron-sigma, (agaulos), 1) 'dwelling in the field' (of shepherds). 2) 'of oxen'. 3) (of things) 'rural, rustic'.
Description: Goddess of agriculture.
To Whom is sacred: three-roomed house.
Maleassociate: consort Cecrops, ----.

Aglauros, `Dew-fall'.

Geography/Culture: Greek Pre-Hellenic.
Description: Guardian of secrets.
To Whom are sacred: ritual basket (containing phallic objects).
Maleassociate: consort?/lover?: Ares, ----.

Alcippe, `Mighty-Mare'.

Herse, `Sprinkling-Dew'.
Alternate meaning: `The-Dew'.

Geography/Culture: Greek: Pre-Hellenic.
Description: Youngest or maiden aspect of Triple Goddess Augralides.
Male associates: sons, Cephalus, ----, and Ceryx, ----, by rapist Hermes, ----.

Source: Kravitz WWGRM.
Pandrosos, `All-Dewy'.
Alternatemeaning: `All-Dewy-One'.

Source: Graves GMv1 97-100, 171.
worked on: September, June 1995; August 1991; July 1990 (and printed).
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