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Coventina, Mother-of-Covens.
Alternate meanings: {Queen-of-Small-Companies}.
[to Whom the twenty-third day of August, day 235, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Romano-British: Gauls in Britain. She has a well at Carrawburgh which was originally beside a Roman fort on Hadrian's Wall.
Linguistic Note: Perhaps related to Moorish, Spanish Basque kaftan, a ceremonial robe worn at dances performed in groups of thirteen. Related English word: coven, convent.
Description: Goddess of well-waters, healing springs, inspiration, prophesy, perhaps fertility {and probably the moon}; Spirit of the River Carrawburgh (England); Presider over assemblies of thirteen people (covens).
During witch persecutions Her name was applied to all forms of the Goddess.
Note: When Her well at Carrawburgh was excavated in 1876, It
was found to contain a great variety of objects including small bronze heads and a human skull, perhaps indicating Her worship was associated with Celtic head worship, as well as Roman water worship.
To Whom Sacred: {water-hyacinth}; {water-lily}; {gold-fish}; sacred well in Northumberland; urn; covens; the number 13.
Iconography: She reclines on the leaf of a water-lily, holds water-plant in Her right-hand, rests Her left elbow on an urn from which water flows; or She lies on water-weeds, pouring the river from an urn She carries; or She stands, holding branches of waterplants, while tipping Her bucket.

Source: Bord SW 20-24; MP.BGH/70; MP.CM/79*; WB.WEMS/180.
worked on: July 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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