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Delphine, `Womb-of-creation'.

Alternate meanings: `Womb', `She-of-the-Womb-of-earth', [`Dolphin-queen'].

[to Whom the third day of May, day 123, is dedicated]


Geography/Culture: Greek: Delphi.

Linguisitic note: delta-epsilon-lambda-phi-iota-sigma, (delphis), a dolphin; supposed to mean `belly-fish'; delta-epsilon-phi-upsilon-sigma, (delphus), womb. Derived English words - delphinium, dolphin. Derived French word: Dauphin.

Description: Primal Mother; serpent-tailed Goddess of the earth, winds and prophesy; Eponym of the city of Delphi.

To Whom are sacred: serpent; bear-skin (Zeus's sinews were kept in a bear-skin bag in Her cave); She-bear; cave; three legged tripod (on which the Pythoness, Her priestess sat when delivering Her oracles); [larkspur (dolphin shaped necary)].

Male Associate: Consort; Python, `Serpent'. (Sometimes mistakenly called Typhon), God of winds, especially the north wind.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: Graves GMv1 76; idid 21.a, 3; ibid 36.3; 134-5; IGEL 179; OED.

Delphinia, `She-of-Delphi'.

Alternate meanings: [`She-of-the-womb'], [`Dolphin-queen'].

Geography/Culture: Greek.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Pythia, `She-serpent'.

[add from 0thers-P where She's currently mistakenly under Python]

worked on: July 25, 1991; August 6, 1991.
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