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Eingana, ----.
[to Whom the twentieth day of June, day 171, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Australia. Aborigine, (tribe and mada unknown).
Description: Primordial snake; Huge Mother Goddess of birth and death; Maker of all water, land and animals; She Who yet lives in the ocean, rising occasionally to make more life; She Who holds a sinew of life attached to each of Her creatures, when She lets it go, that life stops; She Who originally gave birth to living beings from Her mouth; She Who has an ambisexual quality.
To Whom Sacred: kangeroo; snake.
Male Associates: Having swallowed those beings She gave birth to through Her mouth She became pregnant again but could not bring them forth. The god Barraiya, ----, pierced Her, near Her anus with his spear, allowing birth to take place as it does today for all creatures. Source: Monaghan BGH 93.
Djeigung, ----.

Geography/Culture: Australia. Aborigine, Galbu mada
Description: The female wongar snake of the Galbu mada.
To Whom Sacred: the blue tongue lizard.
Male Associate: Her companion is Gungalung, ----, the blue tongue lizard. Source: Groger-Wurm AABP 44.
Julunggul, ----..

Geography/Culture: Australia. Arnhem Land, (tribe unknown)
Description: Ambisexual Creative-being; Great Shehe python Whose voice is the thunder, Whose forked tongue is the lightning and Whose hisses cause the rain to fall; Rainbow snake; Guardian of the Muruwul sacred waterhole; Head-being of the all the animals; Shehe Who is associated with the fluctuations of the seasons.
To Whom Sacred: the iridescence of pearl shells; the glitter of quartz crystals; the phosphorescence of the sea at night; sunlight trapped in water droplets above waterfalls; the rainbow (which is Eris body); the Uwar log drum (Eris sacred representation and a name by which Shehe is also known, its sound is Eris voice). Source:Groger-Wurm AABP 33, 35, 39, 44; Poignant OM 124.

{there is more information in both Groger-Wurm AABP and Poignant OM}.

worked on: June, July 1990; August 1991; June 1995
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