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Elaine, Lily-Maid.
Alternate meaning: Light.
[to Whom the sixth day of October, day 279, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Celtic: British.
Description: Virgin Goddess of beauty and the moon; Queen; Elaine the Fair; Elaine the lovable; Elaine the Lily Maid of Astolat; Eponym of roadways: Ffordd Elen 'Elen's road', Sarn Elen, 'Elen's Causeway' and Matron of road builders; Leader of hosts; Foundress of towns.
To Whom Sacred: {possibly} dove (by which the grail was tended); pearl be-dewed sleeve of red silk; {possibly} cup or cauldron (the grail was displayed in Castle Bliant, Her home).
Male Associates: Having various literary forms She had variously attributed parentage and several consorts: consort, Myrddin, (who became well-known as Merlin). Son, Galahad by consort, Lancelot (who was also Her son).

Source: SC.CML/273, 323-4, 358, 362; FTNB/24; WB.WEMS/62, 154, 172, 272, 383.
Gwynhwyvar, White-Apparition.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Welsh, and or Cornish.
Linguistic Note: from Celtic form vindos, 'white', which gives Irish Fionn, (see also Greine), and Welsh Gwynn.
Description: Triple Goddess; She Who is immanent in Celtic British Queens, representatives of the land; Bestower of sovereignty.
Male Associate: Consort: Arthus, (or Arthr).

Source: Mac Cana 109; SC.CML; Walker WEMS 507.
worked on: September, May 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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