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Estsan-Atlehi, Self-Renewing-One.
Alternate meanings: Changing-Woman, The-Woman-Who-Changes.
[to Whom the eighth day of October, day 281, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: America, North: Navajo, of the South West.
Linguistic Note: Navajo Estsan, 'Divine-woman', is perhaps a general title of Goddesses.
Description: Beneficent, ever beautiful Great Goddess of earth, sky, land and natural processes; Mother of all; (according to some) She Who created people from small pieces of Her own skin; (according to others) She Who created the first human couple from a paste made of the flour and meal which She dusted from Her breasts; Saviour of earth's people; She Who brings the seasons; She Who grows old and young again as do the seasons, as does the moon; She Who changes at will from baby to Girl to Woman to Crone and back to baby again; She Who dwells in a floating turquoise palace on the western waters.
During Apache puberty rites young women gain the power of Estsan-Atlehi, Changing-Woman, a part of which is longevity.
To Whom Sacred: flowers; pollen (on which She was fed as an infant); mountain (She was found on top, or some say beneath, one); rainbow; perhaps turquoise; compass points, especially the direction west; the number 8 (Her sons took that many days to reach maturity); the number 18 (She Herself took that many days to reach maturity); white flour (which falls from Her right breast); yellow meal (which falls from Her left breast); the trail of beauty.
Male Associates: consort, Tsohanoai, the sun; twin sons, 'Killer-of-Enemies' and 'Child-of-the-Water'.

Source: APG.SH/41; CA.DWM/177; FWSDFML/209, 351; MP.BGH/99-100; NC.DE/47-8.
Ahsonnutli, Turquoise-One.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Navajo.
Description: Divine Shehe; Turguoise Hermaphrodite; Creator of heaven and earth. Some say pure female.
To Whom Sacred: turquoise.

Akewa, ---.

Geography/Culture: South America: Toba of Argentina.
Description: Goddess of the sun; She Who nurtures us with Her golden light and warmth, the gift of Her brilliant Being; She Who grows old and young again.

Atse-Estsan, {First-Woman}.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Navajo, of the South West.
Description: Creatress.
To Whom Sacred: the eastern sky (where She dwells).

Naestan, The-Woman-Horizontal.
Alternate meanings: {Horizontal-Woman}.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Navajo.
Male Associate: consort, Yadilyil, The-Upper-Darkness.

Source: CA.DWM/195
Yolkai-Estsan, White-Shell-Woman.

Geography/Culture: America, North: Navajo.
Description: Goddess of the moon and sea.

Source: CA.DWM/195.
worked on: September 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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