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Jen-Shen, Spirit-of-Humanity.
[to whom the ninth day of October, day 282, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: To Whom Sacred: Chinese.
Linguistic Note: Other than Eris name, and its meaning, I have no information on Erim in my sources, but have included Jen-Shen as a transformation of the Goddess for the sake of the initial sound of Eris name which I have not yet found represented anywhere else by a Goddess. {I recall gaining the impression that the shen syllable signifies 'spirit', and it may have more of a male connotation than female -- puruse Werner DCM some more -- even so, if 'spirit of humanity' is a fair translation, the spirit of the species must be both female and male.}
Description: Divine Shehe of the species homo-sapiens; Creator of thought and civilizations; Inspirer of the concept of record-keeping; Inventor of language; Promoter of all human activity; the communal Mind; Developer of telepathy.
To Whom Sacred: marijuana (and other consciousness changing plants); ape; the hand; the vocal chords; the number 32 (or whatever number it is of genes in the human chromosome).

Source: Werner DCM 160.
Joie-de-Vivre, Joy-of-Life.

Geography/Culture: English. Holladay Paganism.
Linguistic Note: from the French. Holladay Paganism's evocation from the matrix for the sake of the sound, g (as in gigue), in order to have a Goddess representing the phone by the initial sound of Her name, prior to the discovery of Jen-Shen.
Description: Goddess of the hearty and carefree enjoyment of life; She Who evokes excitement and curiosity; Queen of all that makes life loveable and worth the living.
To Whom Sacred: the feeling of wonder (especially that evoked by beauty); time (She cannot be experienced except in time); the hour following 12 noon {see biography}; the fopho gram gigue.
Festival: September 24 [the date on which Her day fell in 1984 while Her Cycle of Transformations was still in process: the syncronicity of this fact with the title deed signing for our home (a joyous event) is experienced by me as an affirmation from the Goddess, an encouragement to continue this work for Her.]

worked on: September, June 1995; August 1991; July 1990.
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