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Thou, The-Self-Addressed.
Alternate meanings: Your-Very-Self, You.
[to Whom the sixth day of July, day 187, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: America, North: English: Holladay Paganism.
Linguistic Note: the second person singular. Anglo Saxon thu; Icelandic ðu; Gothic ðu; Danish, Swedish and German du; (lost in Dutch); Irish and Gaelic tu; Welsh ti; Russian tui; Latin tu; Greek su, tu; Persian tu; Sanskrit tvam. Crystallization from the Matrix, (ie evocation of the compiler, for the sake of including a Goddess name beginning with the sound Ð in Her Cycle of Transformations).
Description: Shehe of integration; Unifier of polarities; Co-ordinator of the brain's two hemispheres; Epitome of Self-consciousness; Supreme manifestation of the interdependence of opposites; Shehe Who represents the ideal, the best of each Self; Shehe Who comes into being with us at birth, and Who sums for us at death all that our existence has contributed to the world dream.
To Whom Sacred: corpus callusum (that part of the brain which joins the two hemispheres together); mirror (symbol of reflection); left and right (symbol of all female/male complementarity); the concept of symmetry; the thorn letter, adopted as the fopho gram Ð, (representing the initial phone of Her name); the X-chromosome (the sex chromosome associated with femaleness occurring paired in the female and with one Y-chromosome in the male chromosome pair); the fopho gram X; the superego (the division of the psyche that develops by the incorporation of the perceived moral standards of the community, is mainly unconscious, and includes the conscience).
Source: AHDEL; Holladay Paganism.
Jiva, Existing.

Alternate meaning: Living.
Geography/Culture: Hindustani.
Linguistic Note: equivalent to Greek bios, Latin vivus, English quick, Lithuanian gyvas.
Description: Goddess of consciousness.
To Whom Sacred: the idea of individual 'souls'. Source: Stutley HDH 128.
printed July 1990 -- worked on July 1990; July 1991; June 1995.
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