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Erzulie, ----.
[to Whom the seventh day of July, day 188, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: American, Central: Haitii. Voodoo. From Damhomey, old French West Africa.
Linguistic Note: voodoo is the conventional spelling of the Louisiana French word voudou (also, voudoun) itself from west African, (possibly Ewe), vodu, 'deity'.
Description: Fair-skinned and flirtacious Goddess of love, glamour, flowers, dancing and fine clothes; Purveyor of extravagant dreams and exquisite fantasies; She Who represents fabulous luxury and wealth; the ideal but tragic Mistress; the poignant Mistress; She Who yearns for unattainable perfection; She Who is as generous and lavish with Her love as with Her gifts; She Who greets all men with warm embraces; Matron of prostitutes; She Who takes possession of Her worshippers.
Originally She was a spirit of the sea and Loa of elemental forces.
To Whom Sacred: snake (two snakes are sometimes included on Her flags); three wedding rings (which She wears for Her three consorts); perfumes; jewels; champagne; heart (She is portrayed as a heart on Voodoo flags), with or without an M in the middle of it; hearts filled with checkers symbolize love of the land, (sometimes interpreted as peace); the letter M.
Male Associates: Consorts, Damballah, ----, the serpent Loa; Agwe, ----, the sea Loa; Ogoun, ----, Loa of fire and warrior hero. Sources: AHDEL; Cotterell DWM 177; Carlyon GG 69-70; Cavendish MIE 269-70; pamphlet on Haitian Voudoun.
Ayida, ----.
Geography/Culture: American, Central: Haitii.
Description: Rainbow Goddess; She Who with Her consort represents total sexuality; together They are coiled about the earth.
To Whom Sacred: snake (She represents one of the pair of snakes -- the other represents Damballah -- symbolizing fertility, sometimes found within the heart of Erzulie on Voodoo flags).
Male Associate: Male counterpart and consort: Damballah, ----, source of all life wisdom. Also called Damballah-Wedo, ----. Source: Carlyon GG 69; pamphlet on Haitian Voudoun.
La-Sirene, The-Siren.

Geography/Culture: American, Central: Haitii.
Description: Goddess of the sea.
Iconography: She appears as a mermaid.
Male Associate: Consort: Agwe, ----, god (or loa) of sea, wind, thunder, cannon-fire, boats, and sea-shells. Source: Carlyon GG 67; pamphlet on Haitian Voudoun.
worked on: July 1990; January, August 1991; June 1995.
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