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Eve, Mother-of-All-Living.
Alternate meanings: Mother-of-All-life, Life, Mother-of-All-Those-Connected-by-Female-Kinship.
[to Whom the eleventh day of November, day 315, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Mesopotamia: Hittite, Hebraic.
Linguistic note: Eve from Latin Eva, from Greek transliteration of the Hebrew letters HWH, which are also transcribed as Hawwah. The word Hawwah is related to the Aramean hayyatum, 'serpent'. The name Eve and the words 'serpent' and 'life' are all derived from the same root in Arabic.
Description: Goddess of earth, Who by bearing life brings destiny and death; Giver of the boon of resurrection in the form of rebirth; Creatrix of all manifested forms; Mother-womb; clay-moulding Mother of humanity, "in pairs She completed them"; Life-giver; Matron of mother kin-ship; Instructress of humanity, especially in the rituals of death; Ruler of the sensual and perceptive part of human nature; All women are Her daughters.
To Whom Sacred: apple (originally, of immortality); the tree of life [apple-tree?]; serpent (symbol of sensual pleasure); red-clay.
Male Associates: the Serpent; consort Adam, Man, sons Cain, ---- , and Abel, Born-Only-to-Die.

Source: EBv10 4bcd; Graves GM v2 206; Monghan BGH 103; Walker WEMS 282.
Naamah, Pleasant.
N*M* X

Geography/Culture: Hebraic. Canaanite.
Description: Goddess of seduction, sexuality and music.
Adopted by the Hebrews as sexually irresistable, sea-living, demon Queen; Stealer of semen for the creation of demon children; Strangler of sleeping babies.
To Whom Sacred: cymbals.

Source: Monaghan BHG 212.
Nin-Eveh, Holy-Lady-of-Life.

Geography/Culture: Assyrian.
Description: Eponym of the city of Nineveh.

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