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Anne, @N, Graceful-One.
Alternate meanings: Graciousness, Queen.
[to Whom the twenty-eighth day of May, day 148, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Christianised wide-spread Middle-Eastern Goddess. She is especially honoured in Spain and Brittany.
Linguistic Note: Her name is the Anglesized form of Late Latin and Late Greek Anna, for Hebraic (Old Testament given name) Hannah, {H1N1}, 'Graciousness, favour', from the stem of hanah, 'be gracious', with variants: Ana, Anah. AHDEL; Walker WEMS 38, 68. However apparently a Babylonian or Pelasgian Anna was already known Whose name may have been seen as cognate, see Her Linguistic note, below.
Description: Originally: Great Grandmother Goddess of the earth and fertility.
Christianised and demoted to mortal sainthood as: Glorious, Blessed, most tender and compassionate Grandmother of God; Happy Mother; She Who surrounds those Who call upon Her with powerful and efficacious matronage; She Who is abundantly adorned with virtue and sanctity; Protectress against all dangers in life; She Who assists at the hour of death; Matron of midwives and miners.
To Whom Sacred: five-pointed star.
Festival: July 26.
Male Associate: consorts, Joachim, and two others. (In early Christianity She conceived without the action of man). Mother of many saints.

Source: Cozens CS; BBGCCPB; Graves WG 372.
Anna, Queen.
Alternate meanings: Lady, Goddess, Goddess-Mother.

Geography/Culture: Pelasgian.
Linguistic Note: the syllable an-, is Sumerian for 'heaven'. The various possible translations of Anna may all be understood as feminized expression of the sky, or 'Heaven', as dominantly enfolding. The (apparently Greek) element -one, sometimes rendered (perhaps more accurately), -on, which is usually translated as 'Lady', (as in Hesione, Lady-of-Asia, Salmaone, Lady-of-the-East) appears {to me} to be etymologically related to -ana.
Description: Goddess of the moon.
Male Associates: brother, Belus.

Source: Graves WG 369-370.
Anna-Nin, {Lady-of-Heaven}.
Alternate meanings: {Heavenly-Goddess}, {Lady-of-Ladies}.

Geography/Culture: Sumerian.
Linguistic Note: The syllable Nin is covered in the glossary. For the anna- element, see Anna's Linguisitc Note above.
Description: Great Goddess.
Male Associate: Her forename, masculinized, became: Anu, God of the sky.

Source: BBGCCPB/303,445; Graves WG 371; Walker WEMS 38-40.
Anatu, Graceful-One.

Geography/Culture: Babylonia.
Description: Chief Goddess of the highest heaven, sky and air.
To Whom Sacred: {nitrogen; oxygen}.
Male Associate: consort, Anu, --- of Erech, chief God of the highest heaven.

Source: Graves WG 371.
Nin-Anna, {Lady-of-Heaven}.
See Anna-Nin for alternate meanings, etc.

Geography/Culture: Sumerian.

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