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Nana, `Old-Queen'.

Alternate meaning: `Queen'.

[to Whom the twenty-ninth day of February, day 059, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Mesopotamian: Sumerian.

Description: Virgin mother Goddess of vegetation and fertility; Matroness of Lagash and Nineveh. All the kings of Isin, a city of Sumer (flourished 2000-1800 BC) spoke of themselves as "the beloved consort of Nana.

To whom are sacred: almond-tree, its lilac blossom and nut.

Male associate: son Attis, through virgin birth by swallowing an almond that had grown from the severed genitals of Agdistis. She is the Daughter of the river God Sangarius.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Source: BGH/213; NG.BB/126; WG.RG/314, 371.

Nanna, `---'.

Geography/Culture: Scandinavian.

Description: Goddess of vegetation; She who accompanys Balder to Hel; She was born in the fire and She perished in the fire. Daughter of Nep.

To whom are sacred: flowery tapestry (symbol of the carpet of verdure which will again deck the earth and enhance Her charms with its beauty).

Male associates: consort, Balder, and perhaps Hoder.

Titles, Variants, etc.

Sources: Graves WG 317, 370-1; Branston GN 124, 163.

worked on: August 1995; August 1990; January, February, August 1991.
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