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Prayers, Poems, Pleas,
Hymns and Other Homage to HER

An Anthology compiled and edited by Felicity Wallis
second draft March 1984 -- last revision 1995
Addition and some revision October 1996

To the Goddess Named
Alecto -- Alphito -- Amaterasu-Omikami -- Aphrodite -- Artemis -- Bhairavi -- Branwen -- Britomartis -- Caillech-Bhérri -- Cecilia -- Ceres -- Citherea -- Cybele -- Demeter -- Erce -- Eris -- Eriu -- Gaia -- Hat-Hor -- Hepat -- Horai -- Iamanja -- Inanna -- Ishtar -- Isis -- Izanami -- Jagadambika -- Joie-de-Vivre -- Kali -- Kore -- Kuan-Shih-Yin -- Maat -- Mahadevi -- Mami -- Mariamne -- Mary -- Mousae -- Nana -- Narmada -- Neith -- Niamh -- Nikkal -- Nut -- Ohoyo-Osh-Chishba -- Oshun -- Papa -- Pele -- Psyche -- Rhea -- Sarasvati -- Sedna -- Seirenes -- Sekhmet -- Shekhina -- Shen-Nü -- Sothis -- Sulis -- Tara -- Tao -- Tzu-Ku-Shen -- Urmya -- Usas -- Vac -- Venus -- Wurusemu

To the Goddess...

"Under Your Milky Way". Robert Graves
"Upon the soil(crushed rubies?...)" Edith Sitwell
"Earth, Divine Goddess". 12th cent. anon
"O Sweet Spontaneous". e. e. cummings
"To the Woman in the Earth". Paula Gunn Allen
"i must speak, o america".
o america, i am angry (for jerry mander). Bernie Sullivan
"Dialing All Goddesses everywhere". Beverley Goodacre.
"I am a channel for the powers". Jean Sirius
"O Dive custos Auriacae Domus" Henry Playford 1695
"The smoke upon your altar dies". Rudyard Kipling
"My heart, my Mother". Book of the Dead.
"The Mother of songs". Song of the Kagaba Indians.
"You alone can grant Us Forgiveness". from the Saktigita.
"Your Mother is in you," The Gospel of Peace.
"All saints revile Her, and all sober men". Robert Graves.
"Lady, Lady". FW.
"Lady of life". FW.
To more than one named Goddess
to doom or to deliver (our goddaughters). Bernie Sulllivan
SECTION II To the Goddess Named
Alecto, Unrestful (Pre-Hellenic Greek aspect of the Tripe Erinyes)
"Music for a while shall all your cares beguile". Anon

Alphito, White-Goddess. (Arcadian Greek Goddess of barley flour, Hag of the Mill)
"Alphito (Ailm) Baitule (Beth) Lusia (Luis) Nonacris (Nion)"

Amaterasu-Omikami, Great-Heavenly-Shining-Deity. (Japanese Goddess of the sun)
"When Giving The Mirror"

Aphrodite Foam-Born-One. (Greek Goddess of love)
1. "But In Her Name Lie Many Names Concealed". Sophocles.
2. "I Believe in Aphrodite". Gleb Botkin.
3. "Revered Golden-crowned, and beautiful Aphrodite". Homeric Hymn.
4. "What Grief Is Gnawing at your Heart". Sappho.

Artemis, High-Source-of-Water (Greek Goddess of the virgin forest and wild animal life)
"In The Depth of a Valley Shaded By Cypress". Joseph Bodin de Boismortier.

Bhairavi, The-Terrible (Hindustani Three-eyed moon-crested Goddess)
"Thus shall I pray to Thee, O Tripura"

Branwen, White-Bosomed-One (Welsh Celtic Goddess of the sea, beauty and love)
Softened were the voices. Anon.

Britomartis, Sweet-Maiden (Cretan Goddess of fertility, nature and the sea)
See SECTION III, "Source of food and life". FW.

Cardea, The-Hinge. (Roman Goddess of the winds)
She is mentioned in Mother Ocean, Jeweled to Mariamne.

Caillech-Bhérri, Hag-of-Winter (Celtic Irish Goddess of mountains, shaper of the land)
"Swift chariots" Anonymous

Cecilia, Lily-of-Heaven (Christian Saint, Matron of Musicians, perhaps originally a Goddess)
"Hail! Bright Cecilia, Hail." Brady
"In a garden shady this holy lady" W. H. Auden

Ceres, Creatress. (Italy: Roman. Force of vegetal growth).
Mentioned with Venus in Where the satyrs are chattering, nymphs in their flattering Tarantella , Edith Sitwell
Citherea (Goddess of the moon, an alternate name for Artemis, and others)
"Citherea! though blisful lady swete", Chaucer

Cybele, {Lady-of-the-World-Mountain} (Phrygian Great Mother of the Deities)
1. The winds, the sea, the earth -- Apollon
2. The trees showered fruit in wondrous wise -- Apollon
3. She Who delights in the clamor of wolves -- Homeric Hymn
4. All begetting, all nourishing -- FW

Demeter, Barley-Mother (Greek Goddess of agriculture and civilised life)
I begin to sing of Demeter. -- Second Homeric Hymn to Demeter.

Erce, {Earth} (Anglo Saxon Goddess of earth and its fertility)
"Erce, Erce, Erce,". Old English charm. Anonymous.

Eris, Strife (Hellenic Goddess of disputation)
"Discord! Dire sister of the slaught'ring power". Anon

Eriu, {Mercy} (Irish Celtic Goddess and eponym of the land)
"I invoke the land of Eriu!". Anon (?).

Gaia, Earth (Greek Deep-breasted Nourisher, Goddess of earth)
"Mother of us all, Oldest of all". Homeric hymn.
"Some people say the real name of" Jane Radcliffe.

Hat-Hor, Womb-of-the-Sun (Egyptian Great Goddess of light, the sea and love)
1. "All Hail, Jubilation to You, O Golden One".
2. "Womb of the sun".

Hepat, Earth-Mother (Anatolian Queen of heaven and earth)
"Sun Goddess of Arinna". Queen Pudu Hepat, 1300 BC.

Horai, Seasons (Greek triple Goddess of time)
"Fair Ones, begetters of all things".

Iamanja, Holy-Queen-Sea (Brazilian Goddess of the sea)
"Your Holy Spirit Floats". Merlin Stone.

Inanna, Queen-of-Heaven (Sumerian Great Goddess of the moon and love)
"Heaven was hers!". Janine Canan.

Ishtar, Light-Giving (Babylonian Great Goddess, Queen of heaven and earth)
1. "Glad eyed Ishtar of desire". Anon.
2. "Good Ishtar], one and only Ishtar". Anon.
3. "Horned as the holy heifer of Egypt". Merlin Stone.
4. "Queen of Heaven, Goddess of the Universe". Prayers.
5. "She is Ishtar, the Queen". Carved inscriptions.
Isis, She-Who-Weeps (Egyptian Great Goddess)
1. "Behold, n.________, I am come". Apuleius.
2. "First, She had a Great Abundance". Apuleius.
3. "O blessed Queen of Heaven". Apuleius.
4. "You shall live in blessing". Anon.

Izanami, She-Who-Invites (Japanese Goddess winds and death; Mother of the Japanese Islands)
"Great-thunder in Her head".

Jagadambika, World-Mother (Hindustani Goddess of the cosmic energy which motivates evolution)
"It is by Thy power only"

Joie-de-Vivre, Joy-in-Life (Holladay Paganism crystallization from the matrix)
"Goddess - ". FW
Mantra to joie-de-vivre. FW

Kali, Black-One (Hindustani Goddess of all devouring time)
O Kali, Granter of liberation. Sri Vimalallnanda-svami.
The stars are blotted out Swami Vivekananda.
Arise, My child, and go forth a man! Sister Nivedita.

Kore, Daughter. (Greek Goddess of spring vegetal growth [and resurrection].
Kore, Caro mia, by Felicity Wallis.

Kuan-Shih-Yin, She-Who-Hears-Cries, (Chinese Goddess of compassion)
"No lover of fair visions" John Blofeld
"The echoes of her holy deeds" from the Lotus Sutra

Maat, Truth (Egyptian Goddess of the heart's law, fairness and kindness)
Great is Maat.

Mahadevi, Goddess-of-the-Great. (Hindustani Great Goddess)
"Reverence to the Goddess". The 5th Mahatmya of C(h)andi.

Mami, Mother (Summerian Goddess of birth)
They kissed Her feet, Birth incantation.

Mariamne, Sea-Lamb (Sumerian Goddess of the moon)
Mother Ocean, Jeweled by Laurel Curtis (Contemporary)

Mary, [Sea-Queen] (pre-Christian Syrian Goddess of the moon & the sea)
Again, look overhead. Gerard Manley Hopkins
Ave Regina Coelorum, Anonymous
O Dive custos Auriacae Domus, {O dear, I see I have this already under unnamed goddesses}.
Almighty and al merciable Quene, Geoffrey Chaucer
Holy Mary, Pray for us, Catholic Litany of the Blessed Virgin

Mousae, Inspirers (pre-Christian Syrian Goddess of the moon & the sea)
The Muse when invoked by an artist one night. FW. And see Section III.

Nana, Old-Queen (Mesopotamian Virgin Goddess of vegetation and fertility)
"Hear O ye regions". Sumerian Prayer.

Narmada, ---- (Hindustan Goddess of the sacred River Narmada)
"O Devi Narmada! I salute thy lotus-like feet"

Neith, World-Weaver (Egyptian, adopted from Libya, Orgiastic Goddess of the moon)
"I am all that has been". Three variants of an inscription.

Niamh, Beauty (Irish Celtic Goddess of the sea, fate and death)
"A royal crown was on Her head". Michael Comyn.

Nikkal, Great-Lady (Canaanite Goddess of the moon, fertility & fruitful earth)
"I shall pay Her bride price to Her father"

Nut, Night-Sky (Egyptian Star-spangled Goddess of the sky)
"Nut, the old one"
"Mother of the morning sun"
"Hail, thou sycamore of the Goddess Nut!"

Ohoyo-Osh-Chishba, Unknown-Woman (Cherokee Crone Goddess of vegetable foods)
Ohoyo-Osh-Chishba. FW. See Section III "Ohoyo-Osh-Chishba, Unknown Woman".

Oshun, ----. (Yoruban Goddess of love & conception; Eponym of the River Oshun).
"Praise Poem to Oshun" anonymous.

Papa, Foundation. (Polynesian Goddess of earth; Enfolder of death).
"Papatuanuku", anonymous.

Pele, {Fire-Maker} (Hawiian Goddess of volcanoes and the regeneration of the dead)
"E Pele e!". Ancient Hawaiian prayer.

Psyche, World-Soul (Roman Goddess of the development of consciousness in humanity)
"O Goddess! hear these tuneless numbers wrung". Keats

Rhea, Earth. (Greek Goddess of the earth and all living things)
"Earth sends up fruits". Invocation.

Sarasvati, She-Who-Flows (Hindustani Goddess of eloquence. Alternate name for VAC)
"Best Mother". Mantra.

Sedna, Old-Food-Dish. (Central Inuit Goddess of the sea and marine life)
"One day in the village"Patrick Joseph Gutmann.

Seirenes, Entanglers (Hellenic Woman-faced, bird-bodied Goddesses of the sea)
"Cronos Odysseus, steer your boat" Robert Graves

Sekhmet, Powerful-One (Egyptian Lion-headed Goddess of the Sun)
"Sekhmet, great One of magic", Robert Masters?

Shekhina, Divine-Indwelling-Presence (Hebraic Goddess of understanding and compassion)
"The wind carried all of them off the light swept them all away". Bialik

Shen-Nü, Divine-Woman. (Chinese Goddess of the rainbow, swirling mists and mountain heights)
"The small woman of Shaman Mountain goes off" Li Ho

Sothis, She-Who-Runs-Like-an-Arrow (Egyptian Goddess of the life-giving flood)
"Those chosen by the Gods live". Puramid Aphorism 442.

Sulis, She-Who-Brings-Forth (British Celtic Goddess of prophesy, inspiration, wisdom & death)
"The chimes called midnight, just at interlune" Thomas Hardy "Aquae Sulis"

Ta-Dehnet, Lady-of-the-Peak (Egyptian Goddess of healing Who watches over the dead)
"I was an ignorant man and foolish", Egyptian hymn.

Tara, Star (Tibetan Goddess of compassion and healing.)
"OM TARA TUTARA TARE SVAHA", short description and mantra.

Tao, The-Way (Chinese Ultimate Motherly source of all that exists and occurs)
1. "Existence, by nothing bred". Four, Lao Tzu.
2. "Existence having born them". Fifty-one, Lao Tzu.
3. "The breath of life moves". Six, Lao tzu.
4. "The source of life". Fifty-two, Lao Tzu.

Tzu-Ku-Shen, Violet-Lady, (Chinese Goddess of prophesy; Spirit of latrines)
"O Tzu-Ku-Shen, great cosmic twit"

Urmya, ----, Hindustani Goddess of night; Protectress of sleep)
"Kind Goddess Who at Thy coming". Rig Veda Hymn X. 127.

Usas, Shining-One, (Vedic Goddess of Dawn)
"Like a youthful maiden, Dawn shines brightly forth".

Vac, Creative-Word. (Hindustani Goddess of language, writing and learning)
I move with roaring, howling, and radiant might R.V.X. 125. Veda.

Venus, Love. (Roman Goddess of gardens, love & procreation)
"She spake, and as she turned away". virgil Aeneid.
Where the satyrs are chattering, nymphs in their flattering, Tarantella , Edith Sitwell

Wurusemu, ----. (Hittite Goddess of the sun & its seasonal changes)
"As You" FW.

SECTION III -- Her Psong Book
"Ohoyo-Osh-Chishba, Unknown Woman". (Round) FW.
"Source of food and life". Contrafactum FW to Bicinias number 2 by Orlando di Lasso.
See "Music for a while shall all your cares beguile". Anon With a ground accompanyment by Purcell, arrangement by

Seirenes by James H. Bovee
SECTION 1V Original sources, etc. (currently the last pages are: Original manuscripts.)

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