To the Goddess named - Ta-Dehnet

(A hymn written by a worker in the Theban necropolis after he had been cured of an illness.)



        I was an ignorant man and foolish,            

        Who knew neither good nor evil.               

        I wrought the transgression against the Peak, 

        And She chastised me.                         

        I was in Her hand by night as by day          

           .   .   .   .   .   .                      


        ‘Mark’, I will say to great and little        

        That are among the workmen:                   

        ‘Be ye ware of the Peak!                      

        For that a lion is within the Peak.           

        She smites with the smiting of a savage lion. 

        She pursues him that transgresses against Her’.


        I called upon my Mistress;                    

        I found that She came to me with sweet airs;  

        She was merciful to me,                        

        (After) She had made me behold Her hand.      

        She turned again to me in mercy:              

        She caused me to forget the sickness that had 

                 been [upon] me.                      



                After Gunn in Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, III (1916), 86-87.

                 Quoted by Henri Frankfort in Ancient Egyptian Religion, p. 78


                          To the Goddess named - Tao




                  Existence, by nothing bred, 

                  Breeds everything.          

                  Parent of the universe,     

                  It smooths rough edges,     

                  Unties hard knots,          

                  Tempers the sharp sun,      

                  Lays blowing dust,          

                  Its image in the well-spring never fails.

                  But how was it conceived? - this image

                  Of no other sire.                    


                     Number four, from: "The Way of Life according to Laotzu",

                                                  translated by Witter Bynner.




                Existence having born them                 

                And fitness bred them,                     

                While matter varied their forms            

                And breath empowered them,                 

                All created things render,                 

                To the existence and fitness they depend on,

                An obedience                               

                Not commanded but of course.               

                And since this is the way existence bears issue

                And fitness raises, attends,                    

                Shelters, feeds and protects,                   

                Do you likewise:                                

                Be parent, not possessor,                       

                Attendant not master,                           

                Be concerned not with obedience but with benefit,

                And you are at the core of living.              


                 Number fifty-one from: "The Way of Life according to Laotzu",

                                                  translated by Witter Bynner.





     The breath of life moves through a deathless valley

     Of mysterious Motherhood

     Which conceives and bears the universal seed,

     The seeming of a world never to end,

     Breath for men to draw from as they will:

     And the more they take of it, the more remains.


                       Number six from: "The Way of Life according to Laotzu",

                                                  translated by Witter Bynner.




             The source of life                

             Is as a Mother.                    

             Be fond of both Mother and children

             But know the Mother dearer        

             And you oulive death.             

             Curb your tounge and senses       

             And you are beyond trouble,       

             Let them loose                    

             And you are beyond help.          

             Discover that nothing is too small for clear vision,

             Too insignificant for tender strength,

             Use outlook                           

             And insight,                         

             Use them both                        

             And you are immune:                  

             For you have witnessed eternity.     


                 Number fifty-two from: "The Way of Life according to Laotzu",

                                                  translated by Witter Bynner.


                        To the Goddess named - Urmya



          Kind Goddess Who at Thy coming

          Straightway Thy servants seek repose

          Like birds who nightly nestle in the trees.

          Drive Thou away, O Night, the wolf,

          Drive hence the thief,

          And keep us safely until Dawn,    

          Who like one that clears away a debt

          Shall chase away this black,

          Yet palpable obscurity.   


             Rig Veda Hymn X.127, quoted in Harper's Dictionary of Hinduism by

                                                   Margaret and James Stutley.

 Usas was here but is now in a separate file




                        To the Goddess named - Wurusemu


                                    As You,

                                universe Parent

                                summoned suns,

                            As Sun, parented Earth,

                            As Earth, mothered life

                        and while Earth tilts and turns

                          fro and to, forth and back

                            counting years on aeons

                             in the maternal round

                        of Your warmth dispensing arms,

                               so, Greatone, you

                               grandmother sons.

                              Eight-forked star

                             gambling with clouds,

                               Lioness of havoc,

                            You Daughtered pulsing

                              Mezullu and Hulla;

                             shriveling, growing;

                           up-swelling, down-going.

                          And You, carnate in queens,

                            (whose names’Your own),

                              compassion bestow.

                           Sovereignty to clay allow

                         with new life ever-refreshing

                         the boundary-dispute between

                             non-being and being.