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Tao-Mu, Mother-of-the-Way.
Alternate meanings: The-Path.
[to Whom the twenty-eighth day of April, day 118, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Chinese, especially Taoist.
Description: Parent of the universe; Ultimate motherly source of life; the Way that cannot be walked; Gentle omnipotence; Maternal essence; She Who inherently pervades all that exists and occurs; Great Mother Nature; Teacher of wisdom; Ancestress of all doctrines; She Who is the Mystery beyond all mysteries.
See also the Goddess Anthology under Tao.
To Whom Sacred: the yin-yang symbol.
Male Associate: Lover, Lao-Tzu, The-Old-Master, God of blacksmiths and ironmongers.

Source: Werner DCM 240, 488, 511.
worked on: July 6, 1990; July 30, 1991; April 20, 1992; May, June 1995.
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